At Least Two New iPhones To Support Dual-SIM In China, as Other Countries to Support It In the Form Of Physical SIM + Apple SIM

First reported by Chinese site 21st Century Business Herald, a number of sources confirmed to the site that Apple will introduce at least two new iPhones with Dual-SIM feature and claims it will only available to the Chinese market. However, new iPhones to be sold in other countries will have single-SIM card trays, but you can manage Dual-SIM through physical SIM + Apple SIM (eSIM)."

Apple introduced the Apple SIM innovation for the iPad in 2014, which is designed to replace the traditional SIM card with virtual SIM card. Currently, there are more than 180 countries that support Apple SIM capability, but Apple stated that China is not one of them.

Several smartphone industry analysts and Android phone makers believe that Apple's Dual-SIM feature will have a big impact on the Android camp, especially in the Chinese market. As they pointed out that lack of Dual-SIM support is the main reason that customers in China are losing interest in iPhone.

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also said before that new iPhones in this year would support Dual-SIM feature, in which make it easier for people to switch carriers when traveling. Kuo believes it will "help increase market share in China and commercial market.”

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