Some users said that their iPhone XS and XS Max could not be charged properly after the screen turns off. When you want to charge, you must turn on the screen and restart plug in the Lightning cable. This could be an issue related to the software rather than the hardware, as many users reported this also happens on older devices.

Unbox Therapy tested eight iPhone XS and found that most iPhones were unable to charge with the screen is off. Under normal circumstances, following the iPhone is plugged in, the screen will wake up and start normal charging like what it suppose to do. In the case, the iPhone stops responding entirely at when Lignthing cable plugged in and is screen off.

Despite some users suspected the issue related to USB Restricted Mode, with the goal that is designed to prevent people from unlocking iOS devices communicating with USB accessories through the Lightning connector that one hour has passed since the owner unlocked it. However, Unbox Therapy believes this is not related to the USB feature.

We should expect Apple to release an update that hopefully fixes the issue. In the meantime, there is no workaround for this particular problem. Apple hasn't yet responded on the matter, and if they do, we'll update the post as soon as possible.

Sure enough, most users are using App Switcher every day: some time for multitasking, sometimes for the purpose of quitting certain app so your iOS device saves more battery but also enables it to run smoother. However, I personally don’t like to click the Home key twice and for iPhone X and XS owners, who need to swipe up and pause and then use the App Switcher, which is a pretty complicated process. Luckily, there is an easy to do it, here is how!

  1. Go to your Home screen then click on the Settings app
  2. Tap on General -> Accessibility -> AssistiveTouch -> Customize Top Level Menu
  3. Delete all the icons you have, whatever the last icon is, just click on it, you will see many operations such as Home, Nonfiction, etc. Tap on the App Switcher
  4. Back to the AssistiveTouch section, make sure it’s Switched on
  5. You can also reduce the viability of the AssistiveTouch by press on the Idle Viability.
  6. Now whenever you click on the AssistiveTouch, it will take you directly to the App Switcher
And that’s it! Now it’s the time to say goodbye to the Home button. You probably know that you can also customize the top level menu like Restart your iPhone with a click or screenshot the display with a click. Hopefully, this will help your life become less stressful.

Questions or comments?

Samsung has been creating several “anti-Apple” ads recently, such as laughing at loyal Apple fans in strange advertisements, one of which has a “notch” hairstyle, and now Samsung has launched the latest “Apple-bashing ad series, with this time a different strategy, giveaway 50 Samsung Galaxy S9 for free!

This time, Samsung set the stage in a small village in the Netherlands, named Appel. As expected, Appel means Apple in Dutch, clearly, the South Korean headquartered tech-giant once again taken on Apple in one of the most bizarre ways we have seen - sent the free Galaxy S9 to 50 of Appel's 312 residents, and got a good response from the residents.

"With our innovative products and services, we have been off the beaten track for years to make everyday life more fun and easy. With this marketing campaign, we do exactly the same. We are off the beaten track to get our message across. Our goal is to introduce as many people as possible to the possibilities of the Samsung Galaxy S9”, Gerben van Walt Meijer, marketing manager for Samsung Mobile, Netherlands, said why they did so.

This marketing stunt by Samsung, which obviously seizing on the similarity between the names of this village and its biggest competitor. Gratitude to the action, Samsung desires to inspire people to buy their products rather than the iPhones.

Image Via Android Authority

We are just under a week before the Google held their hardware events, the latest leaks say that Google will at least launch a new Pixelbook successor. Today, Android Police editor David Ruddock posted a tweet saying that Google Pixel Slate is the name of Google's first Chrome OS tablet since it was already been discussed multiple times and from a trusted source.

Google Pixel Slate is the name of Google's first Chrome OS tablet. This name has been offered up so many times as a possibility I don't even think it's worthy of a story, but this is from a source I trust.

Although Pixel Slate is not the first Chrome OS tablet, however, it's the first tablet launched by Google. According to the 9to5Google report, the 'Pixel Slate' name has appeared on the accessory manufacturer Brydge website, reporting that the manufacturer is producing a new keyboard for the new Google Pixel device, indicating that the device should be a tablet.

Alongside Pixel Slate, which will be directly competing with Apple's iPad lineup (which happens to be refreshed in this next month), Google will also unveil Pixel 3 and Pixel XL that said to be featured with a notch, and a Pixel Watch. The event will hold in October 3rd in New York City.

Image Via Android And Me

Compared to last year's iPhone X, the two biggest improvements to this year's iPhone XS and XS Max are the new A12 Bionic Chip and the camera system. However, some users posted on the social media that the front camera of the iPhone XS and XS Max has an auto beauty function - apply unwanted skin smoothing and cannot be turned off.

According users, the iPhone XS' front camera have made big change in skin smoothing, some calls it the "beautygate." In fact, Lewis Hilsenteger, who runs Unbox Therapy YouTube channel even made a video about it. Fortunately, user Abdul Dremali reach out Apple, which they said it already knows this issue and is doing its best to fix it.

As for a reason, assuming is likely related to the Intelligent photo processing in A12 chip as a major selling point. It joins a custom image signal processor with the A12 chip's Neural Engine to enhance photos both before and after it was taking. Anyway, the issue would be easily solved with a software update, which Apple may release in the sooner future.


A new report from DigiTimes said that the extremely high price set of Apple's new iPhone XS series may cause the demand of this latest flagship to slow down in end of 2018, as the initial fanfares of this new product have begun to fade away. This is particularly true for the iPhone XS Max, which is priced at $1,449 for the 512GB version.

Interestingly, several people predicted that iPhone X would also sell poorly on the market because of the high pricing strategies it adopted, but it turns out pretty strong. Still, by 2018, there are still many people who are not optimistic about the approach.

Cited sources from the iPhone supply chain, the report noted that Apple would significantly reduce orders in case the sales begin to go downhill. Plus, the similar situations have occurred when the company selling iPhone 6s and iPhone 7.

Sources explained that one of the important indicators is that the initial sales of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are not as strong as the previous iPhone 6, consumers have apparently avoided the expansiveness of iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XS's "S-level" upgrade did not make most consumers motivated to purchase it.

One of the major indicators was that the first wave of the sales of the iPhone XS and XS Max was not as enthusiastic as that of the previous iPhone 6 generation, as consumers have apparently shunned away the iPhone XS Max for its extremely higher price and also the iPhone XS for a lack of specification upgrades, said the sources.

However, Apple's "final ace" is likely to be the iPhone XR. Reports said that Apple is modifying the balance of total iPhone orders in December, and iPhone XR will account for more than 50% of total iPhone orders. The iPhone XR is a lower-priced model and is likely to be Apple's best-selling iPhone this year.

Image Via The Independent

Apple today released the second update of watchOS 5, watchOS 5.0.1, only a little over a week after it seeded first watchOS 5 to Apple Watch users. To download and install watchOS 5.0.1, click on the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then go to General -> Software Update.

The update which fixes few issues with the original release, such as a bug that would cause an incorrect increase in exercise minutes for some users. Plus, an issue that makes Apple Watches to not track standing minutes during the afternoon, and an issue that would not allow it to charge normal, according to the release notes.

This update contains improvements and bug fixes, including:

Fixes an issue that caused a small number of users to see an increase in exercise minutes
Addresses an issue that caused some users to not receive Stand credit in the afternoon
Fixes an issue that could prevent Apple Watch from charging

WatchOS 5 jet-packed with new features, including Activity Competitions with your friends, walkie-talkie for easier communicating with each other, auto workout detection, new Podcast app, Siri watch face support for many third-party apps, new workout type like hiking and yoga, WebKit support for websites on your wrist, and more!

Apple iPhone XR is FCC certified today, which means Apple can start selling iPhone XR in the US on October 19th. It's expected that first shipments will be arrive to customers just one week later, Friday the 26th, at the same time, it will also have stocks in Apple Stores.

The iPhone XR features the new 6.1-inch Liquid Retina Display, Apple claims it's the most advanced LCD screen on the iPhone to date. Featured with a notch for Face ID and Animoji, the innovative backlight design allows the display to extend all the way to the corner of the device, which it seems that the entire screen is covered with vivid colors.

When it comes to spec, iPhone XR doesn't support 3D Touch, instead, Apple added "Haptic Touch" as a compromise. Differ from iPhone Xs, it only has a 12MP wide-angle single camera, but still advanced than iPhone 8 Plus. Other features are it shipped with the A12 Bionic processor, iP67 rated waterproof, and 1.5hr longer battery life than the 8 Plus.

All new iPhones will be available to pre-order on October 19th in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB storage options. It comes in several colors including usual Grey and White. Blue, Coral, Yellow, and a Red. It will available for as low as $749, just little bit cheaper than 8 Plus.

Apple released iOS 12 couple weeks ago, though it promised to focus on software quality and privacy issues, however, a bug in the iOS 12 allows anyone to passcode bypass then accesses contacts and photos that works even on iPhone XS, according to a YouTube video posted by EverythingApplePro Channel.

Bypass and access contacts is not simple anymore, as the YouTuber says you will need to invoke Siri, ask it to enable VoiceOver, call the phone number, when the 'slide to answer' interface shown up, click on the message icon twice, then tap on Contact twice, press on the '+' button, then send a message from other device to this device, the display all the sudden change into white screen, tap on and swipe the display many times, enter numbers, tap on a contact, then click on the "i" icon, and you can see the contact info.

Unlike most iPhone passcode bypasses, the process is far complicated, but appears to work, provided the attacker has physical access to a device that has Siri enabled. It works on every iOS 12 devices such as iPhone 5S all the way to iPhone XS, however, it's unclear if it works for non-iOS 12 devices.

Currently, it's likely Apple will fix the bug rather sooner than later, in a form of iOS 12.0.1 or other. Well, it does look like Apple still needs some work on iOS 12, although this seems pretty tricky to do it. We will update if Apple responds the matter.

Jaguar and Land Rover says that CarPlay and Android Auto in-vehicle infotainment systems will be supported starting with the 2019 models (in the US), and later both the new and existing vehicles, according to a spokesperson who confirmed to MacRumors

All Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles equipped with the InControl Touch Pro or Touch Pro Duo infotainment system are said to offer an optional smartphone connectivity upgrade package that includes CarPlay and Android Auto, starting at $280, and it varies on models.

Further, the spokesperson also revealed that existing older models equipped with InControl Touch Pro or Touch Pro Duo infotainment systems will soon be available for upgrades at authorized dealers in the United States. However, it didn't specific date as for when it will become available, only says buyers won't wait too long to get that.

Apparently, 2018 is the year for the CarPlay expansion. Automakers like Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, Jaguar, and Land Rover are beginning to support Apple's in-car platform as a pre-install option. Apple's CarPlay webpage reveals that CarPlay now supports more than 400 different type vehicles in the United States.

In the newly released iOS 12.1 beta 1, Apple rolled out the eSIM feature for iPhone XS and XS Max. eSIM, aka electronic SIM card, which can bring Dual-SIM functionality support for iPhones. Apple mentions in its Support Page that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max can activate the so-called Dual-SIM via a physical nano-SIM card and an eSIM.

With eSIM, which allows you to eliminate the need for a physical nano-SIM Cards, you can have two phone numbers provided by the carrier. There are many ways to use the dual-SIM, such as one for the work phone and the other for the personal phone; when leaving the country, add a local Data package; voicemails, using data, by employing different numbers.

Even your iPhone has a Dual-SIM feature, but you can only use one cellular data network at a time. In other words, if a number is on a call, a call to the other number will directly go to voicemail. However, you must activate both networks, and the Control Center will then show two cellular signals.

By the time when Apple released iOS 12.1, all iPhone XS and XS Max users are able to take the advantages of the Dual-SIM by going to Settings - Cellular - Add Cellular Plan, from there, enter the pieces of information and enjoying the convenience of having two phone numbers.

Ever Since Apple Watch Series 4 pre-orders begin last week, the smartwatch has been in heavy demand from day one. Now, according to Taiwanese publication Digitimes, Compal will begin mass production of Series 4 models in November, alongside Quanta Computer.

Because of the demand, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes Quanta reached its maximum capacity for Apple Watch Series 4 production. So in order to meet the requirement, Apple will most likely to select Compal Electronics, though they essentially produce Laptops for computer companies such as Acer, Lenovo, Dell, etc.

With Quanta Computer’s capacity for the Apple Watch Series 4 at its factory in Changshu, eastern China fully loaded, the wearable’s second supplier Compal Electronics reportedly will begin mass production of the smartwatch in November 2018, according to industry sources.

Ming-Chi Kuo even increased the Apple Watch shipment forecast in 2018 from 18mn to 18.5–19.5mn units. As matter of fact, Apple touted out that Apple Watch becomes world's most popular watch that surpassed Rolex. Obviously, due to the strong needs, orders placed today will not ship until the end of the next month or so.

Image Via iMore

Apple today released the first developer beta of macOS Mojave 10.14.1, just one day after it rolled out the official version of macOS Mojave. Developers required to have a proper profile on your machines, and then install the update via System Preferences -> Software Update.

We should expect Apple included the Group FaceTime in this update since beta 1 version iOS 12.1 and watchOS 5.1 already had the feature. Group FaceTime, as its name implies, will allow you to video call up to 32 at once, which would be ideal for business conferences.

Aside from that, the update will also likely to bring performance improvements and bug fixes for issues that weren't addressed in the first release of macOS Mojave. As for when it would release to the public users, we expect it would be in October, or perhaps at the October event, where rumors suggests Apple to announce new Macs and iPad Pros.

macOS Mojave featured with much-anticipated dark mode and dynamic wallpaper features. It supports the "Stack" desktop management system so files can be automatically organized according to a certain rule. Plus the new "Gallery" viewing mode, as well as iOS apps like Apple News, Stock, Voice Memos, Home came to the macOS platform.

Image Via Appsntips

According to the US Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) 2018 Household Appliances and Electronics Report, Apple's Mac and iPad still have the highest customer satisfaction scores among PC and tablet manufacturers, including Amazon, Samsung, ASUS, HP, Lenovo, etc.

ACSI points out that Apple's devices are rated the best in almost every aspect of the customer experience, whether it's in device design, functionality, or ease of operations. Although most of Apple's Mac and iPad products have not been updated in 2018, the Cupertino firm still got the highest score, which is 83 points, same as last year.

As the report suggests, Amazon is approaching Apple with an ASCI score of 82 points. Samsung and Amazon tied for 82 points. Samsung has also succeed well response in terms of customer experience, but it can't be compared with Apple in terms of functions, including the operating system, pre-installed apps and data storage.

To create a scoring system and compile device scores, ACSI surveys approximately 250,000 customer visits per year to analyze customer satisfaction for more than 380 companies in 46 industries. However, ASCI interviewed 6,062 customers for this study.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have been on the market for a few days, and some users are beginning to reflect that the poor connection performance of Wi-Fi and cellular networks on these devices. However, some tested iPhone XS and XS Max, and found that it's actually performing well in terms of networking performance

Complains about poor networking mainly come from Apple Support Communities, Reddit forum, etc. Users report that they are experiencing connectivity problems with Wi-Fi and LTE on the two new iPhones. The issues are not limited to a certain operator or a certain region, and some people speculate that this may be a software flaw in iOS 12.

Of course, there may be few hardware defects in some models, but it's still too early to draw conclusions. After all, there are not many affected users (At least from current situations). The new iPhone should have a big boost since Apple added an antenna at the bottom of the smartphone to increase the wireless speeds and connectivity.

Nevertheless, a Macworld report tells a different story, they tested both iPhone XS and XS Max networking performance, and results show that Wi-Fi download speed only a little faster, but upload speed is improved over 45 percent. For instance, iPhone X T-Mobile received a download speed of 18.34 Mbps and an upload speed of 1.28, whereas iPhone XS T-Mobile gets 23.15 Mbps in download speed and 3.60 Mbps in upload speed.

What results you will see depends on where you are. Users should get better connectivity in any situation. If your region can support new technologies and frequencies, you will see a huge increase in cellular and WiFi speed for iPhone XS.

Image Via iMore

Apple today released the official version of the macOS 10.14 Mojave to all Mac users. You can update your Mac to the macOS Mojave via System Preferences - Software Update. Users who want to download and install the macOS 10.14 Mojave are better off making backups to prevent crashes from happening.

MacOS Mojave adds the highly-anticipated dark mode and implements a so-called Dynamic Desktop feature, where wallpapers will change over time. The latest operating system designed for Macs also gained the Stacks desktop rearrange function so desktop files can be automatically organized according to a certain rule such as dates and file types.

The Finder has added a new "Gallery" browsing mode, and the Quick View feature supports more controls. iOS apps like Apple News, Stock, Home and Voice Memos are also coming to the macOS platform. Mac App Store has also been redesigned that's easier than ever to discover new apps. In addition, Group FaceTime will also available later for Mac users.

macOS Mojave can be installed on 2015 and later MacBook models, 2012 and later MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac models, the 2017 iMac Pro, as well as Mac Pros from late 2013. Stay tune for more details.

Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo out with a new report focus on the latest iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max sales analysis, in which he found that XS Max demand was better than expected, as well as the Apple Watch Series 4.

So, users more prefer the 6.5-inch version than the 5.8-inch version, Gold and Space Gray were more popular than Silver, 256GB is also the most popular model, since 512GB currently face stock shortage. Looking forward to 4Q18, Kuo believe that XS Max will grow steadily due to the demand from the Asian market and the holiday season. 

We have determined that the demand for XS Max is better than expected (3–4 times that of XS). The gold and space-grey colors are significantly more popular than the silver. 256GB is the most popular, and 512GB is subject to a serious shortage because only Samsung can currently ship NAND Flash well. We are positive that XS Max shipments will grow steadily in 4Q18 thanks to demand from Asia market and the gift season.

Apple Watch Series 4 demand is much better than expected, because of that, the supplies likely to have some sort tight until the secondary supplier Compal joins Quanta begins mass production starting from November to fulfill the high demand. "We have increased the Apple Watch shipment forecast in 2018 from 18mn to 18.5–19.5mn units," says Kuo on the sales.

Lastly, the analyst stay positive that the iPhone XR will sell like a hot cake, more customers upgrading to that model than the iPhone 8 series spurred last year. Plus, he assumes Apple to fix the display issue next month before the pre-order starts October 19th.

Apple brings major camera upgrades to the iPhone XS models this year with features like Smart HDR and depth control, so users can adjust the background blur of the photos after the photos are taken. However, according to a Macerkopf report, Apple intends to extend this feature to the photo taking stage, meaning use depth control while taking a photo.

Apple is currently testing this feature with the iOS 12.1 beta 1, so beta users will see the depth control slider at the bottom of the interface when taking a photo. As for which version of the update will bring this feature to users, Apple only says a future iOS 12.x update will include it, I believes it will exclusive to iPhone XS and XS Max consumers.

As Apple has told us in the conversation, this type of depth control will be possible in the future directly when taking pictures. A future iOS update brings the slider directly into the camera app, so you can regulate the depth of field directly when shooting the portrait.

When you take a photo while using the depth control, it will definitely increase the playability. Are you plan to use the feature? Let us know in the comment below.

Image Via Digital Trends

Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a fall detection feature that automatically alerts users, and will sent an emergency call or message when the user didn't stand up in one minute. However, according to a Reddit user found in the Apple Support page, this feature is turned off by default, and users need to manually turn it on unless the user is older than 65, at least.

If the user is under the age of 65 but wants to use the fall detection feature, they'll need to manually turn it on in the Emergency SOS section of the Apple Watch app. From several test results, apparently, if the user falls on a soft surface like a carpet, it will not trigger an alarm, the fall on the hard ground, then we expect to have notifications come in.

When the Apple Watch Series 4 detects a "severe fall" after the fall detection feature is activated, it will vibrate and sent an alarm and display the warning. The user can select either "I fell but I'm OK," "I did not fall," or "Emergency SOS".. If a user has not moved for a while, it'll start a 15-second countdown, then to call the emergency contact.

It's worth to take a note that Apple mentioned in its support document that Apple Watch Series 4 is not able to detect all fall events, and may incorrect defect falls. So Apple turn off this feature by default, if users feel it needs, please remember to enable it manually.

Speedometer, a tool for testing the JS computing performance, can be used to determine the processing performance of the browser. Of course, the performance is directly related to the CPU and GPU. According to MacX, who have tested the browser benchmark of iPhone XS and was shocked after they saw the results, and thought it was a bug...

As you can be seen above. the iPhone XS scores up to 125 points (range 122-125), in which the powerful JS processing performance even beats the latest Intel i7 6-core processor. Also, the score is 50% higher than last year's iPhone X's 83 points. I don't know whether this is a major change brought by the 7nm processing technology.

Compared to XS, although XS Max only totaled 107 points. However, the result definitely surpassed most of the PC processors, if not all. If you don't believe it, you can open the device in your hand and performing the test. For those unknown, JS stands for JavaScript and is one of High-level programming language.

Now just think if Apple puts A12 on Macs, it will benefit many high-end users as the result seems to be the first industrial class level. Do you think this will be a great idea or not? share your thought with us in the comment section below.

Apple recently released the latest iOS 12.1 beta for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, which includes the Group FaceTime feature that was removed in iOS 12 beta 8. iPhone XS buyers will require to install a developer beta profile in order to test the beta on your devices.

As early as the September 18, Apple seeded the first beta of the iOS 12.1. Following the official launch of the iPhone XS models, Apple has rolled out a new update for the new devices. Early speed test indicates that iOS 12 is not super stable on these new iPhone models, so hopefully, the update will help make them snappier and more responsive.

Aside from that the Group Facetime feature has been re-added, iOS 12.1 also introduce support ECG app that specially made for Apple Watch Series 4 models. We also expect Apple to introduce new emojis in the update since they did so in IOS 11 last year.

Image Via Redmond Pie

Belkin has released a new BOOSTUP wireless charging dock that wirelessly charges both the iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. In addition, the so-called BOOSTUP also offer a USB-A connector for limited charging of a third device, such as the iPad.

Compatible with the latest iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, BOOSTUP has a maximum wireless charging power of up to 7.5W and can charge Apple Watch at 5W/1A. The USB-A port, still, is capable of charging a device 5W/1A, the candidate is the iPad, of course.

The BOOSTUP wireless charging dock has passed Apple's Made for iPhone (MFi) certification and is compatible with the Qi standard. It also compatible with Apple Watch's Nightstand mode. Though the official product page isn’t live quite yet, it should show it up rather sooner than later, we will update it when it's become available.

So a new design, an extra USB port for charging a third device, and the ability to charge through most phone cases up to 3mm thick, all of that will only get you like $160. The wireless charging dock will be available in December from Apple and Belkin.

Unbox Therapy, the top tech YouTube channel recently pointed out that the upcoming iPhone XR's screen has the same pixel density as the iPhone 4, which is 326ppi. According to Apple, it did say that the iPhone XR has embraced the so-called Liquid Retina HD display with a pixel density of 326ppi, some think it sucks. However, there are few things to note:

Firstly, each non-Plus model has a 326ppi screen, including the old school iPhone 4 to iPhone 8. Therefore, Unbox Therapy believes that Apple deliberately made the resolution worse on the iPhone XR to avoid it affects the sale of its high-end OLED models. Sure, this argument may be justified, but for most users, the difference in pixel density is not the main focus of their concerns.

So, is pixel density really matter in the everyday use of the iPhone? The YouTuber said in a video that it is tough to notice the difference in pixel density between the two devices at normal view distances. In other words, higher in pixel densities do not have a significant impact on the viewing experience of this display specifically made for iPhone XR. Apple itself touted out that iPhone XR display is the most advanced LCD in the industry, plus it supports True Tone and better in color accuracy.

Apple hopes that iPhone XR will be competitive in the mid-end market. though many Android phones out there have high-resolution displays, this indicates higher costs and higher power consumption. What I am saying is that the lower resolution of the iPhone XR means it will have better battery life. In fact, the iPhone XR has an even larger battery capacity, compare to iPhone XS

In general, the iPhone XR has a display that should be featured in a mid-range smartphone. It is the best successor to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and most users won't notice the difference in pixel density. Of course, part of the iPhone XR's competitiveness comes from its price. Considering the solid mobile operating system it and the powerful smartphone processor it includes, Android phones may not stand its top places in the long run, but rather gives the iPhone XR.

Image Via Unbox Therapy

At 8:00 a.m. today, the iPhone XS, XS Max, and Apple Watch Series 4 launches simultaneously worldwide. Apple and CEO Tim Cook today shared images from the September 21 launch, Cook says in a tweet this morning in which he's thrilled for users to finally be able to try out the devices on their own, and shared couple images of users buy iPhones.

Announced last Wednesday, iPhone XS continue to use the same size and same display, however, for the first time, you can buy an iPhone that's featured with a 6.5-inch display, that is, the iPhone XS Max. In addition, the OLED screen on both models support Dolby Vision and HDR 10, In addition, the iPhone XS models now have a new Gold option.

Both iPhone XS and XS Max are packed with 4GB, most powerful chip ever in a smartphone, A12 Bionic, which capable of calculating like 5 Trillion operations in a second. Not only that, Camera also receives major upgrades, like the new sensor in low light condition, and a new feature called Smart HDR that aims to perfect images you have taken.

Apple Watch Series 4, on the other hand, has overhaul changes in design: new 30% larger display, bezel-less screen, it's available in 40nm and 44nm sizes for you to choose from, many more watchfaces, including the one that has 8 complications, faster S4 processor, new accelerometer and gyroscope for fall detect, and electrocardiogram (ECG) readings capability.

iPhone XS and XS Max have arrived in the hands of users, so some of the users wondering that this year's whether is durable or not since Apple promoted the iPhone XS and XS Max with the durable smartphone glass in the world. However, YouTuber Techsmartt did a drop test just for that, and compare the durability to the iPhone X last year.

Tested from the pocket, head height, and 10-foot drop, during the pocket height drop test, the iPhone X, iPhone XS, and XS Max were not much damaged at all. When he drop these devices at head height, the iPhone X's screen cracked, while the iPhone XS has almost no damage, but the XS Max gets a scuff along the top, still, it's pretty durable.

Finally, the 10-foot drop test, which shows the iPhone XS come out with no cracks whatsoever, but the iPhone XS Max's screen is fragmented and becomes unusable. Well, that sums the concerns users have - if you drop iPhone XS couple times, it's not a big deal, yet, I would suggest you buy a case for X Max, just because it is big and easily slips from your hand.


It's still on Thursday, buyers from several countries already wait in line to get it. Though most users knew that this year's iPhone is just a small S-level upgrade, customers' excitement for a new device on launch day still remains like every year. Just a reminder, orders placed today for iPhone XS, XS Max, and Apple Watch will not ship out until October.

Because of the different time zone, users in New Zealand and Australia have already received iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and Apple Watch Series 4. However, New Zealand does not have an Apple Store, which means that Australia Apple Fans will be able to buy new products first in the Apple Stores. After New Zealand and Australia, users in Asia, Europe, and the United States will receive iPhone XS, XS Max and Apple Watch Series 4.

Speaking to the Apple Store, the first Apple retail location in Suzhou will have a grand opening at the local time, 10 am tomorrow. Located in Suzhou Industrial Park, the new location is the fifth Apple Store in Jiangsu Province and the 51st in Greater China.

Amazon has unveils many Echo-enabled speakers at its Seattle headquarter, like the Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Echo Show. The online retailer also announced first Echo device without speakers, Echo Input, as well as Echo Sub the subwoofer, Echo Link Amp the amplifier, and so much more that ranges from Smart Plug and Smart Home appliances.

Firstly, Amazon announced a new Echo Dot that has a brand new mic array, more powerful sound, and increased max volume, all these for $49.99. Echo Plus, a new Echo device, which designed for more advanced uses, it includes more powerful sound, stronger bass, new equalizer to adjust the bass, new temperature sensor, and a smart home hub for controlling smart home products, it cost you 150 bucks. Echo Show is redesigned with a larger HD display, improved stereo sound quality, smart home hub, it is priced at $229.9. All three Echo speakers now available for pre-order today.

The largest online retailer also unveiled Echo device without speakers, Echo Input, which adds Alexa to an external speaker and connects via 3.5 mm audio cable or Bluetooth. So if you have a speaker, just simply plug it, and then you can experience Alexa just for $34.99.

Amazon also gives a first look at Echo Sub, a plug-and-play enhanced subwoofer, once paired with the Echo/Echo Plus lineup, it'll provide a rich boost of bass. In reality, Amazon Echo Sub could even rival Apple's HomePod bass performances, plus it only cost like $130.

For more products that Amazon announced today, head over to Amazon Blog.

Strategy Analytics today released data on smart speaker sales in the second quarter of 2018. Previously, the company claimed that HomePod's smart speaker market share was only 6% in Q2 2018. Today's report shows that though HomePod has lots of space to grow, it become the best-selling smart speaker that cost more than $200.

Today's report counts the shipments of Q2 global smart speakers according to different models. It's worth noting that Google Home mini topped the list with 2.3 million units, accounts for 20% of market share, but Amazon Echo and Echo Dot combined shares were totaled about 30%.

HomePod didn't enter the top five global best-selling smart speakers, but Strategy Analytics reveals some interesting new details. According to David Watkins, the company's director, HomePod's market share in the second quarter of 2018 was only 6%, but its revenue accounted for 16% of the market. Apple's HomePod has 70% of the smart speaker market in $200+ segment.

For Apple, the decent performance of HomePod is a good news, but it may have some impact on Sonos' sales, with the latter's $200-$500 speakers is a direct competitor to HomePod. While Sonos offers a range of products that support AirPlay 2 and Siri, HomePod, obviously, offers a more seamless Siri and Apple ecosystem integration.

The first iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and Apple Watch Series 4 orders will arrive to users as soon as tomorrow, which means in the next few days, we should see various teardown, drop test, speed test and so on. Today, Dutch website FixjeiPhone took the lead by sharing images of the iPhone XS teardown, offer us a first look at inside of the model.

You may know already that the iPhone XS supports IP68 waterproof, and it does seems like that Apple has adopted more waterproof seals. Moreover, the battery design of the iPhone XS has also undergone a new change, a single L-shaped battery, though the iPhone X's battery is also L-shaped, it was a two-cell configuration rather than only one-cell.

In terms of battery capacity, the iPhone XS has a battery capacity of 2,658 mAH, which is smaller than the iPhone X's 2716 mAH due to the extra small battery it includes. However, according to Apple, the iPhone XS has more than half an hour battery life than the iPhone X thanks to the A12 Bionic chip that provides 50% of more power efficient.

Otherwise, the design looks pretty much identical, though the camera components apparently had a mirror adjustments. Also, both iPhone XS and XS Max are featured with 4GB of RAM, a small but useful improvements, these iPhones also comes with better LTE moderns compares to iPhone X last year.

Apple has officially launched the latest update of the most advanced mobile operating system, iOS 12, on Monday, which it should be stable than iOS 11. However, the adoption rate doesn't look like sharp at all, in fact, it saw an even slower adoption rate compared to iOS 11 and iOS 12. After 48 hours since it was released to users, it was only installed 10% of devices, according to analytics company Mixpanel.

Mixpanel says that iOS 12 pre-successor, iOS 11, which has an adoption rate of 10 percent on devices just 24 hours after its launch, Back in 2016, iOS 10 was installed on 14.45 percent of devices within one day, so it indicates that the iOS 12 was indeed not accepted by users for various reasons, perhaps they more concerned about battery life or stay jailbreak iOS 11.

Sure enough, as more and more people updating to iOS 12, iOS 11 adoption will begin to fall as more people adopt the latest software update designed for iPhone and iPad users. As Apple said on WWDC 2018 that iOS 12 will bring significant speed improvements, especially on older devices like iPhone 5s or iPhone 6. Hopefully, the speed enhancements will ring a bell to users who still rocking their devices. 

In addition to speed improvements, iOS 12 also introduced many highly-anticipated features like Group Facetime that let up to 32 people video call at same time, new Digital Health tool called Screen Time for the purpose of warns you to take a break from using iOS devices, new animated emoji called Memoji, more advanced ARKit 2.0 and new Measure app, Siri Shortcuts for creating custom voice commands, and so much more!

According to the China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which reveals the spec of the iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR, and shows the improvements on battery life. However, since Apple has filed many products with the regulatory body over the years, which these information should be accurate at least. (Via MacRumors)

Firstly, it confirms that both iPhone XS and XS Max have 4GB of RAM, while iPhone XR only have 3GB of RAM. Apparently, iPhone XS have higher benchmark scores than iPhone XR due to the extra of one RAM it featured. For the sake of comparison, the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus have 3GB of RAM, whereas the iPhone 8 has 2GB.

Furthermore, battery capacity the iPhone XS is 2658 mAh, which is flat compared to last year's iPhone X 2716 mAh. The iPhone XS Max packed with 3174 mAh battery. While the XR battery capacity is 2942 mAh. Because the iPhone XS Max has larger display, it's reasonable to have bigger battery, and Apple calls it battery is 90 minutes longer than X.

Customers will be able to purchase iPhone XS and XS Max this Friday, for those who pre-ordered online at, the delivery would come in a couple days.

Apple has released first beta of iOS 12.1 which leaks that future iPad Pros will support Landscape Face ID support. And now, apparently the beta also confirms Apple is going to announce new iPad Pro this fall, since the company already had a event this month, we would expect they’ll have something in store next month, which is the October month

9to5Mac says that when they digging into assets used by the Setup app, an app that helps you set up a new device, they claims a new identifier for a “2018 fall” iPad, which means a new version of the app will be updated soon with infos that get prepared for the new iPad Pro models next month.

iOS 12.1 hints found that both landscape Face ID and Memoji sync is coming, which again, will be exclusive to the new models. However, the 2018 fall iPad removes any doubt we had before. If would likely that Apple will held a October event, where they will also unveil the updated Mac min, MacBook Air as well.

Much of the rumors indicated that the 2018 iPad Pros will come with True-Depth camera system, which enables Face ID, Animojis, and Memoji features. Though iPhone XS this year doesn’t include the so-called USB-C connectivity, that leaves iPad Pro to fill out that spot. Other features we would expect are new A12 Bionic chip, an OLED display, etc.

Are you excited yet? Let us know in the comment section below.

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 12, watchOS 5, and tvOS 12 to the public users, which means new beta versions will soon be rolled out to developers. Not surprisingly, Apple has seeded the first beta of iOS 12.1, watchOS 5.1, and tvOS 12.1, which it can be download and install once you got a proper profile, from there to install it via OTA.

For iOS 12.1, it appears that Group Facetime has re-added since it removed the feature previously in iOS 12, the feature was highly-popular on business leaders when they hold a conference call. iOS 12.1 will also introduce support ECG app that specially made for Apple Watch Series 4 models. Moreover, developer Steve Though-Smith says iOS 12.1 code suggest future iPad Pros will gain Landscape Face ID feature.

As far as watchOS 5.1 concerned, you may have noticed that when Apple introduced Apple Watch Series 4 last week, there is a footnote in the bottom of a slide, which says watchOS 5.1 will include ECG/EKG app support. There is, however, no features were brought this time to the tvOS 12.1.

On WWD 2018, Carplay was said to support third-party navigation apps, such as Waze and Google Maps. Surely, Google has released its Maps app with Carplay support, nonetheless, take a note here that you will require to update your iPhone to the latest iOS 12 operating system in order to enable the Google Maps app works in your car system.

Image Via Redmond Pie

Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook was being interviewed at "Good Morning America" program produced by ABC, in which he talked about the new products announced by Apple last week, including iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and Apple Watch, which specifically talks about why the new generation of the iPhone is the most expensive phone in the history of Apple.

The host Robin Roberts cited a number of questions posed by the public on Twitter. The most popular question is the pricing of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. After all, the iPhone XS Max became Apple's most expensive iPhone to date, with a top price of $1,449 for the 512GB version.

Cook explains that many technologies included in the iPhone are capable of replace some of the previous stand-alone devices, such as MP3 players and digital cameras, so that is why it has a premium price. Cook also reiterated that Apple's goal is to "serve everyone" and that innovation makes its pricing reasonable enough that someone will pay for it.

In addition, Cook was also questioned about the problem of higher tariffs produced by China. He explained that although the iPhone was assembled in China, some parts came from all over the world, including the United States. For instance, the glass made from Kentucky, as well as some chips.

As for the 1 trillion dollar market cap they hit last month, the Apple CEO says that since Apple was born in the United States, he and other executives had the effort to make the country become more successful, such as job creation, and investing in public education.

Apple has officially released the latest iOS 12, and, within 24hrs, Alibaba's Secure Pandora security experts has jailbroken the latest software for iPhone and iPad. With the constant iteration of Apple's security efforts, the possibility of jailbreak iOS devices is considered to be an "impossible task." Jay Freeman of Cydia, once said, "the iOS jailbreak is basically dead."

But this miracle has been renewed by the Ali Pandora Lab, the world's first research team to complete the untethered jailbreak of iOS 12. Mu Li, head of Ali Pandora Labs, said that the research on iOS jailbreak is to remind manufacturers to pay attention to strengthen and enhance the security of the system, and ultimately to protect the users' privacy.

The senior security experts of the Pandora Lab said that though the new version of iOS released each year will fix a large number of vulnerabilities and add new protect mechanisms, it does not completely solve the hacking problem. For example, he said that in iOS12, there are still bugs in the signature verification and root directory reading and writing.

Once these jailbreak exploits are seized by hackers, the consequences are unimaginable. Hackers can embed jailbreak code in the app, so when a user downloads the app and enables it, the user device will be quietly jailbroken, and the system root will be controlled by them, so that account passwords and other information will be seen by hackers.

In addition to iOS 12, Apple today also released watchOS 5, HomePod software update, and tvOS 12, to all users. For watchOS 5, you can download it through Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then go to General -> Software Update. While tvOS 12 can be installed via Settings app -> System -> Software Update, and HomePods to be automatically updated

WatchOS 5 introduced various new features, including Activity Competitions with your friends, walkie-talkie for easier communicating with each other, auto workout detection, new Podcast app, Siri watch face support for third-party apps, new workout type like hiking and yoga, WebKit support for websites on your wrist, and more!

TvOS 12, on the other hand, brings support for Dolby Atmos, and iTunes will be home to the largest collection of Dolby Atmos-supported movies, and all purchased movies will be upgraded for free when the update release for everyone. It also introduces Zero Sign-on, you don’t need to sign in apps that offered by TV providers.

TvOS 12 also includes new aerial screensavers that were captured from the International Space Station, it’s now easier than ever to autofill passwords from the iPhone to signing into Apple TV apps, as well as the support for Home Control systems like Crestron and Savant.

HomePod, Apple's first smart speaker also getting much smarter, with the new software, HomePod now can place or answer calls, search songs by lyrics, set up multiple times, support for Siri Shortcuts, find your iOS devices quickly by ask Siri to ring, and more. The software update will be installed automatically if your iPhone is running iOS 11.4 and higher. 

Apple has officially released the latest iPhone operating system- iOS 12 to all users. It supports iPhone 5S and higher models, iPad mini 2 and higher models, as well as iPod touch 6. Users can download the software via Settings -> General -> Software Update.

As one of the biggest highlight in iOS 12, that is, the speed improvement. iOS 12 will significantly improve performance and it will make even snappier. The app launch speed is up to 40% faster, the keyboard popup speed is increased by 50%., also, swipe to the camera 2x faster now.

Apple also introduced ARKit 2.0 for iOS 12. With ARKit 2.0, which supports new tracking, rendering, and object recognition, so they created its own AR Measuring App Called ‘Measure’. Plus, new USDZ augmented reality file format in a partnership with Disney.

The Photo app also updated as it includes new search suggestions now. Location searches can include business and museums. Also, the app adds "For you" tab, which displays memories, looping photos, and more. New Sharing Suggestions feature that essentially uses AI to suggest people with whom you might want to share your photos

Siri with iOS 12 now can do much more than we can think of. The Siri Shortcuts feature makes it easy for users to create various Siri commands. Shortcuts will allow users to connect many third-party apps to Siri to greatly streamline voice controls. Even better, you can also be creating your own Siri commands.

iOS 12 also announced the arrival of Group Facetime call allows up to 32 people connected at the same time, new Memoji’ personalized animated emojis coming to iOS 12, and Animoji characters are gaining more. New Do Not Disturb during bedtime feature to help stay in bed, and "Screen Time," offers deep insight into app usage, and unveiled grouped notifications.

For more info, check out the release notes from Apple:

iOS 12 brings performance improvements and exciting new features to iPhone and iPad. Photos introduces new features to help you rediscover and share the photos in your library, Memoji—a new, more customizable Animoji—make Messages more expressive and fun, Screen Time helps you and your family understand and make the most of the time spent on devices, Siri Shortcuts deliver a faster way to get things done with the ability for any app to work with Siri, augmented reality becomes even more engaging with the ability for developers to create shared AR experiences, and new privacy features help protect you from being tracked on the web. This update introduces new features and improvements to:

iOS has been enhanced for a faster and more responsive experience across the system
All supported devices see improved performance, going back to iPhone 5s and iPad Air
Camera launches up to 70 percent faster, the keyboard appears up to 50 percent faster and typing is more responsive*
Apps launch up to twice as fast when your device is under heavy workload*

New For You tab helps you discover great photos in your library with Featured Photos, Effect Suggestions, and more
Sharing Suggestions proactively recommend sharing photos taken at events with the people who are in them
Search enhancements make it easier to find your photos with intelligent suggestions and multiple keyword support
Search for photos based on the place, business name, or event where you were when you took them
Improved camera import with faster performance and a new large preview mode
RAW support for editing images

Portrait mode improvements preserve fine detail between subject and background when using Stage Light and Stage Light Mono effects
QR codes are highlighted in the camera frame, making them easier to scan

Memoji, a new, more customizable Animoji, make Messages more expressive with personalized characters that are diverse and fun
Animoji now also include T. rex, ghost, koala, and tiger
Make Memoji and Animoji wink and stick out their tongue
New camera effects bring Animoji, filters, text effects, iMessage sticker packs, and shapes to the photos and videos you capture in Messages
Animoji recordings can now capture up to 30 seconds

Screen TimeScreen Time provides detailed information and tools to help you and your family find the right balance of time spent with apps and websites
See the time spent in apps, usage across categories of apps, how many notifications are received, and how often devices are picked up
App limits help you set the amount of time you or your child can spend in apps and on websites
Screen Time for kids lets parents manage how their child uses iPhone and iPad right from their own iOS devices

Do Not Disturb
Turn off Do Not Disturb after a set time, location or calendar event
Do Not Disturb during Bedtime hides all notifications from your lock screen while you sleep

Notifications from the same app are automatically grouped together to help you manage your notifications
Instant Tuning gives you control over your notification settings right from the lock screen
New Deliver Quietly option silently sends notifications directly to Notification Center without interrupting you

Siri Shortcuts deliver a faster way to get things done with the ability for any app to work with Siri
Add shortcuts using the “Add to Siri” button in supported apps, or in Settings > Siri and Search
Siri suggests shortcuts on the Lock screen and in Search
Get motorsports results, schedules, stats and standings for Formula 1, Nascar, Indy 500 and MotoGP
Search for photos by time, location, people, topic or recent trips to find relevant photos and Memories in Photos
Translate phrases in more languages, with support for over 40 language pairs
Check facts about celebrities, such as when they were born, and ask questions about food, including calories and nutrient content
Turn flashlight on or off
More natural and expressive voice now available in Irish English, South African English, Danish, Norwegian, Cantonese and Mandarin (Taiwan)

Augmented Reality
Shared experiences in ARKit 2 let developers create innovative AR apps you can experience together with friends
Persistence enables developers to save and reload experiences right from where you left off
Object detection and image tracking gives developers new tools to recognize real world objects and track images while they move through space
AR Quick Look extends AR throughout iOS, letting you view AR objects with built-in apps like News, Safari, and Files and share them with friends with iMessage and Mail

New augmented reality app to measure objects and spaces
Draw lines across surfaces or in free space to measure, and tap on a line’s label to see more information
Automatically measure rectangular objects
Capture, share and markup screenshots of your measurements

Privacy and Security
Enhanced Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari prevents embedded content and social media buttons from tracking cross-site browsing without your permission
Suppresses ad retargeting by reducing advertisers’ ability to identify iOS devices uniquely
Strong and unique passwords are suggested automatically when creating an account or changing a password in most apps and in Safari
Reused passwords are flagged in Settings > Passwords & Accounts
Security code AutoFill presents one-time security codes sent over SMS as suggestions in the QuickType bar
Sharing passwords with contacts is easier than ever using AirDrop from Passwords & Accounts in Settings
Siri supports quickly navigating to a password on an authenticated device

Apple Books
All-new design that makes discovering and enjoying books and audiobooks easy and fun
Reading Now makes it simple to get back to the book you’re currently reading or find great recommendations for what to read next
Add books to the new Want to Read collection to keep track of what you’d like to read next
The Book Store makes it easy to find your next favorite read with new and popular selections from our Apple Books editors and recommendations chosen just for you
The new Audiobooks store helps you find immersive stories and informative nonfiction books narrated by your favorite authors, actors, and celebrities

Apple Music
Search now supports lyrics so you can use a few of the words to find a song
Artist pages have an easier to browse design with a personalized station of any artist's music
The new Friends Mix is a playlist of songs you’ll love from everything your friends are listening to
New charts to show you the daily top 100 songs in countries around the world

Apple News
Apple News is redesigned to make it easier to discover new channels and topics
The new sidebar on iPad and Channels tab on iPhone make it easy to jump straight to your favorite publications and discover new ones

All-new design lets you easily view stock quotes, interactive charts, and top news on iPhone and iPad
Top Stories section includes articles selected by Apple News editors to highlight the latest news driving the market
Read Apple News stories right in the app, formatted to look great on iPhone and iPad
Watchlist includes color-coded sparklines that let you see daily performance at a glance
See an interactive chart for every ticker symbol, plus key details including after-hours price, trading volume, and more

Voice Memos
All-new design with improved ease of use
iCloud keeps your recordings and edits in sync across all of your devices
Available on iPad with support for both portrait and landscape orientation

Get notified when movies and TV shows are available to watch in Up Next
Share your favorite movies, TV shows, and sporting events with universal links

Apple Podcasts
Now supports chapters for shows that include them
Skip 30 seconds or to the next chapter with forward and back buttons in your car or on your headphones
Easily manage new episode notifications from the Listen Now screen

Live Listen now works with AirPods to help you hear more clearly
RTT phone calling now works with AT&T
Speak Selection now supports using the Siri voice to speak text that you have selected

Other features and improvements
Camera effects in FaceTime transform your look in real-time
CarPlay adds support for third-party navigation apps
On supported campuses, use contactless student ID cards in Wallet to access buildings and pay with Apple Pay
Website icons can appear in tabs on iPad by enabling them in Settings > Safari
Weather includes air quality index in supported regions
Quickly swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go home on iPad
Swipe down from the top right to access Control Center on iPad
Mark Up includes a palette of additional colors and options to change line width and opacity for each tool
Battery usage chart in Settings now shows your usage for the last 24 hours or 10 days, and you can tap a bar to see app use for that period of time
On devices without 3D Touch, touch and hold the keyboard Space bar to turn your keyboard into a trackpad
Maps adds support for indoor maps for airports and malls with indoor positioning in China
New definition dictionary in Hebrew, and bilingual dictionaries in Arabic and English, and Hindi and English
New English thesaurus
Automatic software updates allow iOS updates to be installed automatically overnight

* Testing conducted by Apple in May 2018 using iPhone 6 Plus supporting normal peak performance, prerelease iOS 11.4, and prerelease iOS 12. Keyboard tested using Safari; Camera tested by swiping from the Lock screen. Performance varies based on specific configuration, content, battery health, usage, software versions, and other factors.

Some features may not be available for all countries or all areas, for more information visit: and

For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:

Indeed, It has been more than a year since Apple previewed its AirPower wireless charging mat, and so far this highly-anticipated iPhone accessory is still not listed on the market. Many people can't help but ask what happened to AirPower and whether it can be released. Sonny Dickson brings some insiders about the long-awaited product.

The report states that many people who are said to be engaged in the research and development of the project in Apple feel that the project is doomed to failure, unless it makes significant progress, otherwise it will not work and may just not release after all. The articles summarize several engineering issues for the delay.

Firstly, AirPower still faces overheating problems that would lead to a significant performance degradation. If the battery is overheated during charging, it will affect the battery capacity of the device. It also affects the performance of Apple's self-developed custom charging chip that built-in iOS devices.

Secondly, Apple engineers encountered hardware and software problems when testing AirPower's communication with the devices on it, especially the charging data that the Apple Watch and AirPods sent to the iPhone, which was used to monitor the charge level.

Since AirPower is composed of 21 ~ 24 different size charging coils, which can charge three Apple devices at same time, which is very difficult to implement, because the coil generates a large amount of interference, which reduces the charging efficiency, and also causes heating problems. Plus, its compact size makes it also an extremely complex technical challenge.

All in all, the fate of the product is still uncertain, Apple may be ditching it, it may be further postponed, or the design may be re-engineered, so we assume the first look may be different from what we have seen before. Apple could announce the AirPower either next month or via press release.

Image Via

Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-respected Apple analyst released a new investor report claiming that though the iPhone XS faces lackluster sales, however, he believes that once iPhone XR launches in mid-October, the demand of iPhone XS Max and the LCD iPhone will be higher, as he also outlines that Apple Watch Series 4 pre-orders are "better than expected".

The analyst starts off with his prediction on Apple Watch Series 4, new-generation of Apple's wearable products, in which Kuo says that demand for Apple Watch Series 4 is better than their first expectations because of the ‘innovative functions’ like the electrocardiogram, much bigger screen, etc. Kuo expects Apple to ship 18 million units this year along.

Move into the new iPhones, Kuo notes that iPhone XS Max is highly popular in China due to the gold option, larger screen, and the dual-SIM capabilities. While Ming-Chi Kuo lowered his expectations on the iPhone XS, says it will account small portion of sales, but for iPhone XS Max, he forecast that the larger models will contribute 30% of new iPhone shipments.

Last but not least, The Apple analyst pretty confident that the Phone XR to account for 55 to 60 percent of shipments of the new 2018 iPhones, up from 50 to 55 percent previously. Overall, Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple will ship around 75 million iPhone units in 2018.

Image Wccftech

Shortly after Apple opened the preorder window for those users who interesting in purchase the iPhone XS, XS Max, and Apple Watch Series 4 yesterday, it appears that most of the orders through have changed to "Preparing to Ship" instead of this upcoming Friday delivery date, which will be in a mail, or the in-store pickup option,

Customers in the United States, Australia, and the UK may find out that their Apple Watch Series 4 and iPhone XS orders that have shifted to "Preparing for Shipment". However, though few of iPhone XS Max orders will not ship out until October, most models do appear to ship to users in the near future or the September 21st launch date.

As for iPhone XR, which obviously won't be available for pre-order until mid-October at least. Yet, a new report by 9to5Mac pointed out that the cause of the delay has something to do with the notch, they assume that LCD panels can’t be bent in the way that OLED ones can, so it make a challenge for both Apple and its supply chain.

Have you check your pre-orders, did it show you that's preparing to ship or remains some delivery date. Let us know in the comment below!

Apart from unveiling the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max, Apple also announced the iPhone XR with a 6.1-inch LCD screen, A12 Bionic, updated camera sensor, TureDepth Camera system for Face ID, and in 6 different colors, including white, black, blue, yellow, coral, and red.

In order to match the colorful glass body, Apple has prepared 12 new colorful wallpapers for the iPhone XR users. However, unlike the iPhone XS that bundled in Live Photos wallpaper, iPhone XR's new wallpapers are still images. Thanks, iDeviceHelp for sharing these. To apply a wallpaper, click and hold it, and then select "Save as Image"

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