Dec 13, 2018

Apple Music Connect To Shut Down, As macOS App Analytics Now Available On App Store Connect

Apple today announced that its Apple Music Connect service for music artists and fans now begin to shut down starting today, and its fate is exactly the same as the iTunes Ping service that withdrew from the historical stage in 2012. Meanwhile, Apple today informed developers that they can now view data analytics for their macOS apps in App Store Connect.

In an email sent to artists, Apple stated that they will no longer be able to post in the Connect section from today, and this feature has been removed from the Apple Music Artist page and the "For You" section. Apple said that the Connect content uploaded by the artist could still be searched until May 4, 2019. Connect used to have a separate tab in 2015, but was later degraded to the "For You" section.
Today we're streamlining music discovery by removing Connect posts from Artist Pages and For You. This means you'll no longer be able to post to Connect as of December 13, 2018, but all previously uploaded content will still be searchable until May 24, 2019. You can still create Artist Playlists with the latest version of Apple Music.
As for macOS app analytics, which now lives in App Store Connect, give you the ability to view how many times your app was seen on the Mac App Store, how many times your product page was viewed, and how many new customers downloaded your app.

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