Apple CEO Tim Cook, the Duke graduate, has traveled to the university this weekend to give the 2018 commencement address. In the graduation ceremony, Cook himself talks about immigration, #MeToo, and challenges students to "Think Different", a quote from former CEO Steve Jobs.

Cook challenged students to "think different" instead of accepting the status quo that they should follow the lead of Steve Jobs, who showed him this way of thinking, as he also reflected on Apple's strong belief on the environment and privacy.

I was lucky to learn from someone who believed this deeply. Someone who knew changing the world starts with following a vision, not following a path. He was my friend, my mentor, Steve Jobs. Steve’s vision was that the great idea comes from a restless refusal to accept things as they are.

Steve's vision was that great ideas come from a restless refusal to accept things as they are, and those principles still guide us at Apple today. We reject the notion that global warming is inevitable—that's why we run Apple on 100 percent renewable energy. We reject the excuse that getting the most out of technology means trading away your right to privacy. So we choose a different path: collecting as little of your data as possible, and being thoughtful and respectful when it's in our care.

The final theme of Cook's speech began with fearless: he encouraged Duke graduates to be as fearless as Parkland students, to put gun violence under the spotlight, women in the “Me Too” and who fights for the rights of immigrants.

Fearless like students of Parkland, who refused to be silent about the epidemic of gun violence, bringing millions to their calls. Fearless like the women who say “Me Too” and “Time’s Up.” Women who cast light into dark places and move us to a more just and equal future.

Fearless like those who fight for the rights of immigrants who understand that our only hopeful future is one that embraces all who want to contribute.

A full of Cook's commencement address' transcription can be viewed here. You can watch the replay in the embed YouTube video down below.

According to a Chinese accessory manufacturer who exhibited during the Japan IT Week Spring 2018 Mobile Expo says that the second-generation iPhone SE has not yet started mass production, suggesting that the device could go sale in September rather than May/June (via Macotakara)

Currently, Apple is evaluating a variety different models of iPhone SE 2, but has not decided to use which one. In these prototypes, one is identical to the 4-inch SE and one is a 6-inch display model, and all of the prototypes have two things in common: a notch design & support for Face ID.

However, At this point, it is unclear which stage the iPhone SE 2 is in. It may be in the early engineering verification test (EVT) process or the more mature design verification test (DVT) process.

Still, this certainly contains skepticism as EU regulatory filings last month suggested that Apple could release a product in the upcoming month or two, and most likely to be an iPhone some sort. It's also possible that Macotakara mixed up with 6.1-inch LCD models. Anyway, time will tell.

In a earnings report released couple weeks ago, Apple announced a new $100 billion share buyback program. although this move was praised by some investors, others think that Apple should use its profits in another way. Now, U.S. politician Ralph Nader has begun to criticize Apple's buyback program as well.

This week, Nader released an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, suggesting ways that Apple could make better use of the money. Nader also pointed out that the success of share buyback is a mixed bag.

Nader stated that 2% of the program should award to 350,000 Foxconn workers worldwide with a full-year salary bonus of about $2 billion. Such measures will provide "economic relief and happiness" for workers in difficult working environments. After all, these people cannot even afford to buy phone made by themself.

Furthermore, he also suggests Apple use some of the $100 billion on research and development, reduce some youngsters' heavily iPhone usage that comes with a sedentary life of obesity, lower the price of  products, and uses it as a way to increasing salaries and improving hiring.

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Carpool Karaoke, a television show made by Apple that previously requiring Apple Music subscription to view it, but now it seems like the company has made the show available for free to everyone via its TV app, according to Billboard.

The show will be offering to users starting on Friday, May 11 at 3PM PM. Apple plans to rolling out the show with a new episode every week,  just like the release schedule for when the show was only available for Apple Music subscribers, meaning you wouldn't watch the series at once.

Billboard states that users can stream the show via the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, since it's only showing on the TV app, so for those users who uses Apple Music on their Mac and PC, and Android, they will not able to watch it.

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According to South China Morning Post, Gaston D'Aquino, whose life was saved by Apple Watch when was sitting at church his Apple Watch alerted him to his elevated heart rate, he have read similar stories before, so he went directly to a directly hospital:

“I told the doctor I don’t know why I’m here, but my watch tells me I have an elevated heart rate. He says, ‘Are you feeling anything?’ I said no, I feel fine, I’m feeling all right, nothing’s wrong.”

He then checked with electrocardiograph machine which indicated something was wrong, doctor tested and found that two of his three major coronary arteries were completely blocked and the other one 90% were blocked. Of course, this means that he would suffer potentially fatal heart attack. Since it has been discovered, D'Aquino agreed to have an angioplasty to prevent that from happening.

With the introduction of watchOS 4, Apple has added an ability for watches to detect an elevated heart rate. To enable the feature, open the Watch app on your iPhone, tap on My Watch tab, then tap Heart Rate, click on the Elevated Heart Rate, and select a BPM.

In a different but on topic story, the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE models is now available for purchase in Denmark, Sweden, India, and Taiwan, with India not charge any additional monthly fee for cellular. In total, the model can be purchased in United States, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, India, and Taiwan.

Top Apple News Today:

Case Maker Believes New iPhone SE Would Look Like This: New renders and alleged dimensions of the new iPhone SE from case maker Olixar suggest it will have notch that approximately half as wide as the one on the iPhone X, almost certainly making it too slim to house facial recognition sensors, which we cast some doubts, and it's not possible that Apple willing to reduce the profits, as the current only costs $349.

Olixar says it's based on "a reliable source" in China that the new SE model will feature a display that stretches nearly edge to edge, surrounded by an aluminum shell with flat sides and chamfered edges. The phone will be about 12.1cm long by 5.5cm wide, almost the same to the current SE’s dimensions. We treat it as a sketchy rumor. (Via MacRumors)

Apple Pave Way For Carbon-Free Aluminum: Apple today announced that it has helped promote cooperation between Alcoa and Rio Tinto, the two largest aluminum producers in the world, on a new carbon-free aluminum smelting process. The two companies jointly formed a joint venture named Elysis, which will further develop patented technology, 

Aluminum is Apple’s go-to material for making many products like iPhone and MacBook, however, with the new process, it will resulting in eliminate direct greenhouse gas emissions from the traditional aluminum smelting process developed over 130 years ago, 

Aluminum giants Alcoa Corporation and Rio Tinto Aluminum today announced a joint venture to commercialize patented technology that eliminates direct greenhouse gas emissions from the traditional smelting process, a key step in aluminum production. This is a revolutionary advancement in the manufacturing of one of the world’s most widely used metals.

As part of Apple’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its products through innovation, the company helped accelerate the development of this technology. And Apple has partnered with both aluminum companies, and the Governments of Canada and Quebec, to collectively invest a combined $144 million to future research and development.

According to NY Times, researchers at Berkeley have demonstrated how malicious commands to Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa can be hidden in recorded music or innocuous-sounding speech. It could be used to unlock doors, wire money or buy stuff online — simply with music playing over the radio.

Apple is partner with one of the world’s largest investment banks and financial institutions - Goldman Sachs for Apple Pay branded credit cards, the card would be launched as soon as early 2019, reports The Wall Street Journal.

For the partnership, Goldman Sachs is also set to offer in-store loans to attract more people to purchase Apple products. Previously, the company has teamed up with Barclaycard to provide Apple rewards program and financing deals through Barclaycard Apple Rewards Visa, with the new partnership, Apple likely to end its reward program.

Apple Inc. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. are preparing to launch a new joint credit card, a move that would deepen the technology giant’s push into its customers’ wallets and mark the Wall Street firm’s first foray into plastic.

The planned card would carry the Apple Pay brand and could launch early next year, people familiar with the matter said.

This can seen as a bright move by Goldman Sachs, as it hopes to boost its business by providing credit cards to consumers and companies for buying Apple products. The new Apple Pay Credit Card would replace the existing Apple Rewards Card, and make Goldman Sachs as its new long-term collaborators.

Apple and Goldman Sachs are still discussing the terms and welfare measures of credit cards, including preferential items for consumers. If the negotiations goes smoothly, we should learn more about it at the WWDC next month.

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