Kantar: Apple's New iPhones Were The Top 3 Best-Selling Phones In The US In November, Outsold Samsung Galaxy S8

According to Kantar Worldpanel's newest smartphone OS data, Apple’s new iPhones were the top three best-selling smartphones in the US in November, despite the high price of the iPhone X. In contrast, Samsung’s flagship phone, the Galaxy S8, only managed the 6th position.

Kantar says iPhone X sales were "stellar" in multiple markets around the world during November, such as China, Japan, and the UK. China was singled out as a market which Apple achieved high switching rates from Android. At the same time, Android fell 4.6 percentage points, but it still owns 75.5 percent of the smartphone OS share in China.

The iPhone X was the top selling model in urban China in November, with a market share of 6.0%. Unlike in Europe and the US, where the vast majority of new early iPhone X sales came from existing Apple smartphone owners, in urban China there are significant numbers of Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung customers switching to the new iPhone models, which they deem a cut above the rest.

In the US, iOS dropped 3.8 percentage points, compared to the year-ago period, resulting in a total smartphone OS sales share of 39.8 percent. Android grew 4 percentage points to capture 59.4 percent of the smartphone OS market. In the UK, Apple achieved its highest share (49.4%) in more than three years for the month of November only.

Kantar began to wonder that for most of the markets how long Apple can maintain its sales momentum going with the smartphone's high price tag. Numerous reports in recent weeks have discussed the same topic, with analysts predicting "weakened demand" in Q1 2018 now that early adopters have received their iPhone X.

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