Aug 10, 2017

HomePod Firmware Detailed iPhone 8's Screen Layout And Resizable Home Button, And More iPhone 8 News

Yesterday, we learned that iPhone 8 is likely to support ultra-slow-mo video capture of 240fps at 1080p, its facial recognition software will seemingly support Apple Pay and third-party apps. Now, as the uncovering of Apple secrets within HomePod firmware continues apace, iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith has post on Twitter about the iPhone 8's virtual home button, stating that it can be "resizes" on-screen, and that it can be hidden.

This code reveal that apps which use bottom tab bars, and perhaps status bars, will be displayed above the Home button. This does tend to suggest that the area around the Home button may be reserved for system functions rather than app use. Also there's no evidence of an API to change the color of the Home button, suggest it will need to be displayed in a way that guarantees good contrast with all background colors.
According to The Korea Herald new reports, which appears to be surfacing what is likely old information about the iPhone 8 launch. Citing industry sources, the report claims the OLED iPhone won’t be unveiled until November due in part to design decisions with Touch ID not yet being finalized.

The report doesn’t just seem to miss the boat on iPhone 8's launch timing. It also suggests that Apple relocated the Touch ID to the back of the iPhone after failing to integrate the fingerprint sensor in with the display. Again, we don't think Apple will relocated Touch ID to the back of devices, even HomePod firmware didn't reveal any references about the technology.
But sources said Apple may have ditched the plan recently due to technical glitches like its archrival Samsung Electronics did for the current Galaxy S8. The Korean company also failed to embed a fingerprint scanner into the front screen and placed the sensor on the back of the device.
“The iPhone’s rear design has not yet been finalized. We are still awaiting Apple’s final decision before shipping parts,” he said, hinting that the phone is also likely to have a fingerprint scanner on the back.

Only one month away from Apple's Fall Events, in addition to the OLED iPhone, Apple is also going to release iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, we expects that design of iPhone 7s unlikely change very much, perhaps similar to the iPhone 7's design, but features with wireless charging, and other internal upgrades like support A11 Processor!

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