Aug 22, 2017

How To Close All Open Applications At Once With A Single Click On Mac!

In the macOS system. If you’ve ever needed to quickly quit out of all open applications, you’ve probably to either quit them all one by one or restart, shutdown, or logout while making sure to deselect “Reopen windows when logging back in.” These options is great, but what if you don’t want to restart, shutdown, or logout? Today we going to teach you how to close all open app with a single click!

1. Let’s begin with open up Automator, in order to do that, first you will need going to Launch Pad -> Other, or through Spotlight search “Automator”, then select “Application” and click on “Choose” to get started.

2. Through the list of actions shown in the middle window, find “Quit All Applications,” then double-click it to create a window on the right side of Automator. Put a check next to “Ask to save changes” if you want apps with unsaved data to prompt you to save changes before they close. (Note: If you want some apps to remain open while all others close, then add the apps to the “Do not quit” list. Click on “Add...” and select the app from your library.)

3. When you’re done, go to “File” -> “Save,” name your application “Quit” or another name, then click on “Save.”

4. Last but not the least, find the Quit application in Finder and place it on either your desktop or your dock for quick access

If you’d rather not have an app to close all apps at once, you could save the Automator action as a workflow or service instead, and then have it be accessible through a unique keyboard shortcut by adding one under the “Keyboard” system preferences, and be sure to pick a keystroke combination that doesn’t conflict with existing system keystrokes.

Via OSXDaily And GadgetHacks, Image By GadgetHacks

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