Aug 27, 2017

New Discoveries In iOS 11 Beta Suggests That A Handful Of New Workout Coming Soon To Apple Watch

Following discovered how Apple Pay Cash will work on iOS 11, iHelp is back with some details on additional new features soon coming to the Apple Watch, including a handful of new Workouts found in the iOS 11 beta, which the site found a variety of icons that are seemingly included for the sake of the Apple Watch app on iPhone.

These icons are including badminton, barre, baseball, bowling, boxing climbing, core training, cricket, curling, dance, equestrian sports, fencing, fishing, flexibility, functional training, golf, gymnastics, jump rope, kickboxing, lacrosse, paddle sports, pilates, "play," sailing, skating, skiing and other snow sports, step training, strength training and surfing. 

We have found several icons that are used by the Apple Watch Exercises app but do not appear on any of the current watch models, not even the latest version of Apple Watch. Therefore, we suspect that these will be exclusive to the new generation of Apple Watch, which should be announced soon. Some of the new exercises are: American football, baseball, bowling, dancing, skiing and other modalities in the snow, skipping rope, various types of fights, surfing and more.

Currently, the latest watchOS 4 beta include some of these Workouts, they are available in the watchOS under the “Other” tab. Some of the workouts may be only limited to the new model of the Apple Watch which expected to be unveiled next month. Many of these, however, don’t obviously require any hardware changes to be supported, so such a move would be suspect on Apple’s part.

Of course, this fall, we are looking forward to the watchOS upgrades can be more to force, and there are rumors suggesting that Apple is about to launch the third generation of Apple Watch, and most likely the new Apple Watch is will support LTE cellular network, with the support of the LTE cellular network, the new Apple Watch will reduce the reliance on the iPhone.

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