Aug 11, 2017

New Set Of Mockups Imagines How iOS 11 And Few Popluar Apps Might Look Like On The iPhone 8

With the launch of Apple's "iPhone 8" approaches, we've seen multiple images and dummy models outlining what the device will look like, so designer Maksim Petriv has mocked up several iPhone 8 images that take into account current rumors to demonstrate what iOS 11 might look like on the new device and what apps Might look like?

Rumors and HomePod firmware information hints that the iPhone 8 could includes both a top notch that houses the front-facing camera and sensors for a facial recognition system and a function area with a virtual Home button, both of which are imagined in Petriv's images. The renderings basicly demonstrated the Lock screen and App Store, along with popular apps Netflix and Spotify might look like on iPhone 8.

Petriv's photo includes status bar information at the top of the device on both sides of notch, with a small Home button area at the bottom. We're not yet sure what Apple plans to do with that area of the iPhone 8, but through HomePod firmware we learned that it can be resized and can be hidden and does not contain app UI elements, which means it's simple.

HomePod firmware has also suggested the status bar info like signal strength, carrier info, and battery life will be split and displayed in the area near the sensors/camera, so Petriv had imagining three ways Apple could display status bar information. First he shows one way with a hidden notch and rounded corners, while the second one with more flattened corners at the top, and the third one with fully embrace the notch rather than hiding it through software, as Apple's own firmware image leak points towards the third option.

We’ve been getting a handful of images how the iPhone itself might look from a series of dummy units and mockups. As Apple's Fall Event approaches,, which means we are just weeks away from getting our first glimpse at the iPhone 8 and its companion devices, the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus.

Image Via Maksim Petriv, Via 9to5mac And MacRunors

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