Easily Customize The Color of Apple Watch Series 3's Red Digital Crown With WatchDots

At September 12's Press Event, Apple officially unveils Apple Watch Series 3, which the cellular models featured a red Digital Crown. Good thing is for those who planning on upgrade but don't like the color choice, it can easily be changed with WatchDots.

WatchDots are tiny, vinyl stickers that cover the Digital Crown and Side button. They're available in a wide variety of colors, including white, black, midnight blue, yellow, orange, gold, sport green, sport blue, sport pink, fog, walnut, antique white, magenta, and other band-matching options

Whilst, the dots are made of high performance, premium-grade vinyl film with a life expectancy up to 5-8 years. The dots are weather and fade resistant, because of built-in UV protection, and the pressure sensitive adhesive will ensure a bond that gets stronger over time. WatchDots manufacturing materials are sourced from American vendors.

Although Apple already includes a colored accent on the Digital Crown of some models, yet WatchDots not only lets you add color to the Digital Crown, but it also cover the side button. While well-known Apple Blog MacRumors' editor Juli Clover reviewed WatchDots 2 years ago, she was generally positive about the way they looked and held up

My WatchDots have been on my Apple Watch for about two weeks now and they're looking as good as new. There's been no peeling, even when my watch has gotten wet, and using the Digital Crown and side button a lot hasn't affected them. Since this is a review, I put on and removed several sets of WatchDots, and I can safely say they're not going to cause any damage to your watch. You can peel them right off with a fingernail, but like most vinyl stickers, they're not reusable.

WatchDots can be purchased from the WatchDots website for $9.99. With each purchase includes three sets of WatchDots in your chosen color along with a bonus random set. At same time, the company also offers free shipping within in the United States. Click here to learn how to change the color of your Digital Crown.

Via MacRumors And The Gadgeteer, Image Via MacRumors

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