Here's How To Receive Android Notifications From An iPhone Or iPad

If there's way to receive Android notifications from an iPhone or iPad? Whether readers requested for this feature or not, this notification mirroring is actually available right now. Thanks to the ingenious app - IFTTT, iDevices can now finally receive alerts (SMS, calls, events and more) from your Android device.

The app which called IFTT allows users to create mini apps – applets, that can be carried out tasks under a particular set of circumstances. The logic behind the name is that the app creates an applet where you can select the "If This" trigger with the equivalent "Then That" action. Long story short, let's jump into it!

1. Download the app in App Store and Google Play on the devices you want to connect with.
2. Create an account and use the same accounts on your devices.
3. Once you logged in, open IFTTT on your device. Tap on the “+” to create an Applet.

4. Once you tapped the "+", the Applet Maker Screen will appear with four big words, “IF”, “THIS”, “THEN”, and “THAT”. Just simply tap on “This”.

5. Then, the multi-icon tiles menu will popup, which represents triggers that available for applets. Type “Android” in the search box to open all available Android triggers. Look for “Android SMS”. Tap it to open the trigger.

6. Next, choose “Any new SMS received”. After choosing that, the app will bring you back to the “If This Then That” screen with the word “That” highlighted. Tap it then an action “Notifications” will appear.

7. The only feature that available is “Send a notification”, so tap the check mark next to “Complete Action”.

And that's it! Now all IFTTT-connected devices will receive notifications directly from your Android devices. You Just need enable the notifications on your devices. Open the “Settings” of an iOS device, navigate to “Notifications” and switch on “IFTTT”.

Via NoyiGeeks, Images Via NoyiGeeks

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