Sep 19, 2017

iPhone New Accessories: Retroduck Easily Change Your iPhone Into A Retro Style Television

It’s lovely when new products pay homage to their predecessors. Take for instance the Elago W3 watch dock that makes the Apple watch look like a miniature Macintosh. We are going to introducing the Retroduck iPhone stand also taking the nostalgic route. It can easily turn your iPhone into a retro style television.

Now, smartphones are lightweight, portable, it can handle a variety of tasks, but on the other hand the TV is just the opposite way. When you slip the iPhone into Retroduck stand, it makes watch content on your phone’s screen with much more attention, rather than switching between apps, or checking social media.

The Retroduck works as a rather neat multimedia dock, with its beautiful vintage inspired design (even built with dummy controls and antennae!). Its thick/hollow design helps channel sound better, allowing sound from your phone’s speakers to resonate within the empty space, effectively making it louder, and evenly channeling the sound through both the front as well as the back of the dock.

Retroduck instantly transforms your smartphone into a retro-style television, allowing you to focus on your screen anytime and anywhere! Simply slide in your smartphone into Retroduck and Retroduck will do the rest, acting as a hassle-free cradle and charging station in one.

The dock is also served as a charging station for your iPhone, allow you to slip lightning cable inside it so that you slide your phone in, it instantly lit. The dock comes in three color variants, ranging from a vintage brown, to a minimalist white / gray, to the deliciously iconic orange! Designed for iPhones 6 and above model, the dock comes in two sizes to accommodate the regular and plus sized variants. BUY NOW: $32.00

Via Yanko Design, Images Via Yanko Design

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