Apple Plan To Purchase Medical Clinic Start Up Crossover Health, As Part Of Its Larger Push Into Healthcare

According to the CNBC report, Apple is considering to acquire the medical clinic start-up company Crossover Health, and as part of the company to promote healthcare. It's reported that Apple has been talking with Crossover Health for several months of negotiations, but hasn't reached an agreement.

Crossover Health has provided medical and wellness services to a number of self-insured employers, including Apple and Facebook. The company works with Apple and others to provide services on or near its Cupertino campus. Furthermore, Apple also reportedly approached nationwide primary care group One Medical about a deal.

The acquisition talks come as Apple has been mulling expanding into primary care for over a year. The exact goal of Apple’s work here remains unclear. It’s possible Apple would use the startup to develop public-facing actual medical clinics or use existing facilities to sell products and gather data is not known.

The discussions about expanding into primary care have been happening inside Apple’s health team for more than a year, one of the people said. It is not yet clear whether Apple would build out its own network of primary care clinics, in a similar manner to its highly successful retail stores, or simply partner with existing 

Apple is said to be aiming to make the iPhone a "one-stop shop" for medical info, offering a centralized way to store all of a person's health data. CEO Tim Cook has said in the past that health is an area that interests Apple because it's where hardware, software, and services can come together into "something that's magical." "We believe that health is something that is a huge problem in the world, we think it is ripe for simplicity and sort of a new view, and we'd like to contribute to that."

Via 9to5Mac And MacRumors, Image Via Wareable

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