Oct 29, 2017

Apple Reportedly Fired An Engineer After His Daughter Posted An iPhone X Hands-On Video On YouTube

Apple has reportedly dismissed an engineer after his daughter’s iPhone X hands-on video went viral on YouTube. Brooke Amelia Peterson published a vlog earlier this week, that included a trip to the Apple campus to visit her father and see an unreleased iPhone X. Although Apple requested Brooke remove the video, which she did, but it was clearly too late as the content spread further and further.

Peterson now claims her father has been fired as a result of her video. In this tearful video, She explains her father violated an Apple company rule by allowing her to film the unreleased handset at Apple’s campus. While Brooke reasoned that many other bloggers had shown off the phone in countless videos, this isn’t really the issue at heart. 

Because of Apple can’t set a precedent that it is fine for employees to show off pre-release devices, let alone have them filmed. Those devices also often contain confidential pieces of information that could easily be leaked through a haphazard video such as this. Recently Peterson has shared another vlog on her YouTube channel about her father’s dismissal.

Althrough it isn’t likely that her dad is going to be getting his job back, but he seems to land on his feet. Brooke makes it clear that they are all doing fine, her dad will be ok, they understand Apple’s position. He knows he broke his NDA and accepts the outcome. Similar dismissals also happend in the past. A Microsoft employee was dismissed after his son posted pictures of the Xbox 360 before its release.

Via iDB And The Verge, Image Credit GIZMODO

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