Oct 20, 2017

Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program Customers To Get Head Start On iPhone X Upgrade, Making Pre-Order Process Quicker

Starting on Monday, October 23, iPhone Upgrade Program customers will be able to get a "head start" on the iPhone X pre-order process by getting pre-approved for an iPhone Upgrade Program loan. Once approved for a loan on a device, customers can use the Apple Store app when iPhone X pre-orders kick off to complete the purchase, making the pre-order process much faster for the program customers as no approval will need to be completed at the time orders are placed.

Apple started notifying customers about the option this morning through its website and via a notice in the Apple Store app. Speaking to Apple Store app, customers will need to download app and choose their preferred iPhone X model to get pre-approved for a loan ahead of the launch of iPhone X pre-orders. Apple says this process, will allow customers "speed through checkout on 10/27."

Apple says if you are a member of the iPhone Upgrade Program, you can get a new iPhone once you have made the equivalent of at least 12 payments. And you’ll get the coverage of AppleCare+. The Program also requires customers to trade-in their current phones to get a new phone. Customers can choose to make payments for 24 months and keep their devices, however. 

Since last year, Apple has made marked improvements to the iPhone Upgrade Program. In 2016, new customers that were forced to reserve an iPhone from a local Apple retail store due to in-store trade-in requirements, which left upgrade customers W/ limited stock to choose from. A quick pre-order process will be important for user who plan to buy iPhone X, as multiple reports suggested supplies are heavily constrained.

Via MacRumors, Image Credit AppleInsider

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