Apple's Latest MacBook Pro Vs Microsoft's Surface Book 2, What's The Differences Aside From Price?

Two years later after launches Surface Book, Microsoft yesterday officially unveiled the successor of the line up. So we begun to compare it with the MacBook Pro. The new Surface Book 2 is equipped with the latest Eighth-Gen Intel Core Duo processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 and 1060 two discrete graphics options, Microsoft said that this product is 5 times faster than the original Surface Boo, it also twice as powerful as the latest MacBook Pro,

First we take look at the 13-inch Surface Book 2 and the MacBook Pro, one for $1999 and one for $1799, although the price of the Surface Book 2 is more expensive, but we all know that it is equipped with a powerful Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU and the Eighth-Gen of Core Duo processor, which also leaves Mac for don't have any speed advantage (MBP using the Seventh-Gen of Core Duo processor).

15-inch version is also in the same story. Surface Book 2 is more expensive, but from the configuration, it is better than the MacBook Pro. However, though the 13-inch Surface Book 2's start storage capacity higher than the MacBook Pro (256 GB to 128 GB), but for 15-inch MacBook Pro's maximum internal storage capacity up to 2TB, which is better than the Surface Book 2.

Design wise, Surface Book 2 it didn't looks whole lot different from its predecessor, but Microsoft also claims to redesign the device's hinge to achieve higher strength and durability, but we think that in terms of design, Surface Book 2 still show some embarrassing gap. On the contrary, Apple still maintain their own design elements of the MacBook Pro, as always, the laptop still uses beautiful design.

As for portability, Surface Book 2 provided two size options to user - 13 inch and 15 inch, respectively, weighs 3.38 pounds and 4.2 pounds. In contrast, the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro weighs 3.02 pounds and 4.02 pounds, respectively. Mac in the portability side has edge over Surface Book 2, but ordinary consumers may not notice this.

Battery aside, Surface Book 2 is said to have a up to 17 hours of battery life, if it is true, then it will be very alarming. After all, 15-inch MacBook Pro's battery life can up to 11 hours or so, while the 13-inch MacBook Pro's can lasts only 8 hours and 40 minutes. When Asking for the resolution of the display, both products provide ultra-high resolution screen.

Finally, Microsoft for Surface Boo added a USB Type-C port, the advantages of this connector makes it more high-speed connection. Speaking from the diversity of the ports provided, Surface Book 2 seems to be better than the MacBook Pro.

On the whole, though the Surface Book 2 is more expensive, but it may worth paying for the price, and the Surface Book 2 configuration also shows that in high-end laptop market, it'll hashing confrontation to MBP. Of course, in the end which laptop wins, we also need more rigorous test data to determine.

Via Laptop Mag, Image Via LM And Trusted Reviews

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