Oct 22, 2017

Developer Launches Saïgon Jailbreak Beta For Some iOS 10.2.1 Devices, A Possible iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak Coming Soon

Developer Abraham Masri recently released an iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak tool called Saïgon. Although it still doesn’t cater for the latest firmware versions, it comes closer than we’ve seen in a while and what’s more, is for 64-bit devices. We’ve waited a few days to see any early reports of success, before to collecting up the currently available info on this most recent development in the jailbreaking world.

The Saïgon jailbreak incorporates three publicly released exploits into a single tool. It had been known for some time that the exploits known as ziVA, triple_fetch, and the kernel protection bypass (used in extra_recipe and Yalu) could be combined into a jailbreak for various of iOS 10 firmware, but until now no-one had seemed prepared to step up and perform the tricky work required to do so.

Marri has taken up the task and managed to get the jailbreak running on a small selection of devices, in a first beta posted to the Saïgon website. It's worth to noting that The jailbreak is semi-tethered, which means you will have to launch the Saïgon app to and re-jailbreak every time your device restarts. You might also have to re-jailbreak using Cydia Impactor every 7 days to continue using the jailbreak.

At present, the supported device/firmware are iPhone 6/Plus (10.2.1), iPhone SE (10.2.1) (untested by developer but reported working by users), iPhone 6s (10.2.1) (untested by developer but reported working by users), and iPad Air 2 Wifi (10.2.1) (untested). The developer has also announced that a jailbreak for iOS 10.3.1 running on iPhone 6s will be released.

Saïgon is a Cydia Impactor based jailbreak. Which means you can download the Cydia Impactor tool, connect your iDevices to your computer and drag to drop the Saïgon IPA on the Cydia Impactor tool in order to jailbreak your device. You will need to enter an Apple ID and password. Once the jailbreak is installed, go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management, then tap on the Trust button. lastly open Saïgon to complete the jailbreak.

Via iDB And iOSHacker, Image Credit iDownloadBlog And ModMy

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