One Month After Its Official Public Release, iOS 11 Adoption Rate Now Reached 55%

According to data collected by analytics company Mixpanel, one month after its official public release, iOS 11 has been installed on 54.49 percent of devices. The iOS 11 was first released on September 19, and while adoption has been rather slow compared to iOS 10 adoption, it is steadily picking up. At the one week mark, iOS 11 was installed on 25% of devices, and at two weeks, installed 38.5% of devices.

Within three weeks, iOS 11 adoption rate reached 47%, successfully take over iOS 10, the two iOS system gap between continues to expand. iOS 11 is currently installed on nearly 55% of the device, while only 39.17% of the devices installed iOS 10. 6.34% of the devices were continue to run older versions of iOS.

So far, Apple has released three small updates to iOS 11 to fixes bugs that have been discovered since the release of the new operating system. The most recent update, iOS 11.0.3, has fixed an issue with haptic feedback on iPhone 7 and unresponsive displays on iPhone 6s, while iOS 11.0.2 addressed an irritating problem that caused the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus earpiece to crackle on phone calls.

The adoption for iOS 11 is likely to increase significantly when iOS 11.1 is released, The new iOS 11.1 introduces hundreds of new emojis and may include Apple Pay Cash, Apple's P2P Apple Pay feature. In past years, new emoji have had a noticeable impact on upgrade rates. The iOS 11.1 update also fixes bug caused Reachability to work improperly, and it addresses a serious WPA2 Wi-Fi vulnerability.

Via MacRumors, Image Credit MacRumors And Geeky Gadgets

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