Oct 23, 2017

Romeo Power Unveils Its First Power Pack, Capable Of Changing iPhone And 15-Inch MacBook Pro

For users, carrying a battery pack is almost a normal state. Because of the existence of battery pack, we rarely say that the iPhone will run out of battery situation, but what if you carry an MacBook? Most of battery pack you use may be incompatible with MacBooks. But Romeo Power recently released a very practical battery pack, it not only charging your iOS devices, it can even keeps your MacBook running.

The so-called Romeo Saber portable charger can charge your iPhone more than ten times and iPad two to four times. In addition to having two USB ports and a USB-C ports, the device also includes an AC outlet, so it can also used to charge large appliances, Romeo Power said it can fully charges majority of laptops twice.

The most critical is that the device can provide up to 90W of output power, which means it is capable of handling the full 87 watts a 15-inch MacBook Pro requires when charging though USB-C. Overall, it is capable of charging up to four devices at the same time, using all four outputs without any extra accessories.


Romeo Saber also said to have IP67 level of dust and waterproof feature, the unit measures 2.28 inches by 2.36 inches by 10.5 inches, and weighing 2.2 pounds. The accessories also features a great feature, that is,  itself change very quick, it only needs to charge two hours, then it will reach the full state from empty. The device is also approved by the FAA and TSA to taking it to the aircraft. 

At the same time, they also introduced a Saber app, that user could in their iOS device check the remaining power of battery pack, Romeo Power provides black, red and blue three color options, priced of $299, but Romeo has opened preorders for the Saber at $199, it's expected the firm will ship the product in the Christmas season.

Via AppleInsider, Image Credit The Verge

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