Unreleased iPhone X With New Dynamic Wallpaper Spotted In The Wild, As Official Launch Date Getting Closer

The iPhone X will officially become available on November 3, but now at least one user seemingly gotten his hands on a unit ahead of time. Posted Reddit, the brief video showcases a new wallpaper and the 5.8-inch devices. The short clip shows someone swiveling in their hand what looks like a silver glass-backed iPhone X with a new, previously unseen dynamic wallpaper on the lock screen.

As the handset is rotated, the padlock above the time visibly shudders as Face ID refuses to unlock, suggesting the person holding the phone is not the owner. Speculation is rife among Redditors as to who the owner could be and how they ever got hold of an iPhone X so far ahead of the official launch next month.

According to the original poster, the video was uploaded from the San Jose area, California, making it likely that the clip was recorded by someone who knows an Apple employee with early access to the device. The iPhone X in the clip is also displaying an AT&T logo in the upper left corner, adding further weight to the suggestion this was recorded in the U.S.

Most recently, the anonymous tipster shared more photos of the iPhone X in the wild. For the rest of us, pre-orders for iPhone X begin on Friday, October 27, the handset's official launch date will be the following Friday, November 3.

Via MacRumors And 9to5Mac, Image Via 9to5Mac

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