Apple To Diversify From Samsung To Making Foldable iPhone OLED Screen, As They Recently Appiled A Patent For Foldable Phones

In February of this year, Bloomberg reported that Apple was seeking cooperation with BOE, China's largest display maker, to developing OLED screens. At that time, BOE didn't have significant OLED manufacturing capacity, but now according Korean ET News said BOE's OLED panel yield may be changing.

The Report says that BOE is gearing up creating Apple-exclusive foldable OLED displays production line, hoping to provide flexible, folding OLED panel. According to sources, which said BOE isn't only committed to the production of flexible OLED screen, but also to foldable OLED display, and plans in the future improving these two panels ratio to 50:50.

As right now, Samsung provide the OLED displays found in the iPhone X, which it can be classed as foldable given how they curve into the back of the phone. However, the firm could be disrupted if Apple either diversifies its OLED supply chain or abandons arch-rival Samsung altogether.

Speaking to foldable iPhone, according to Patently Apple, Apple has applied a patent for a foldable phone. By using advanced carbon nanotube structures to prevent corrosion in the foldable section of the display. We have reported that Apple may release foldable iPhone by 2020, the patent might prove the rumor.

USPTO published the patent on last Thursday, it pending invention covers an electronic device having a flexible portion that allows the device to be folded. The device may have a flexible display. The flexible display may have a bending region that allows the display to bend along a bend axis when the device is folded.

Interestingly it's the first patent by Apple that lists micro-LED as one of the main display types for a foldable iPhone. But given that this is a patent application, the timing of such a product to market is still remains unknown at this point .

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