Battle Of The Gaming, Apple's iPhone X Vs Razer Phone

Razer, a Singaporean gaming hardware company that is huge in the PC gaming world. Recently, they launched a smartphone and simply named the Razer Phone - is made for gaming. The Razer Phone comes at a time when smartphone manufacturing has matured, and the device is unusually polish for a first-time device from a company venturing into uncharted waters.

Forbes' Ben Sin says the Razer Phone stands out in two ways over other smartphones on the market. Due to these improvements that made the device ensure better in gaming performance, and they also make everyday smartphone use more enjoyable. So, compared with Apple's flagship - iPhone X, will Razer Phone in gaming to occupy its own advantages?

Firstly. let's take a look at the screen. In recent years, smartphone manufacturers have been focusing on creating screens with higher definition and smoothness. iPhone X is Apple's first smartphone with an OLED screen, and its screen performance is excellent.

However, Razer Phone's screen resolution is only 2K, but refresh rate has reached 120Hz! to know that almost all of the smartphones screen refresh rate only has 60Hz. If you've never used a 120Hz display, 60Hz is more than sufficient. But once you've seen a 120Hz display in action -- scrolling and touch input feels instantaneous -- going back to the 60Hz results will have you noticing the relatively lack of fluidity.

It's worth mentioning that although the iPhone X has 120Hz touch sample rate, means it can react to your touch faster, but it doesn't improve scrolling and pinching and general animation the way the Razer's always-on 120Hz rate does. The 120Hz refresh rate is to cater to gamers, to whom even a fraction of a second of input lag can mean the difference between life and death.

The smartphone also equipped the best speakers in a mobile phone ever, because Razer Phone's bezels house large dual stereo speakers, each one independently amplified, and fine-tuned by Dolby Atmos. These speakers might explain why the Razer Phone lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Of course, for a company that has just been involved in the smartphone market, their products on the overall point of view, certainly can not compete with the iPhone X, but overall, Razer Phone is still an impressive product, for gamers, perhaps they will also have a strong interest in this mobile phone that specifically made for the gaming.

Via Forbes, Image Credit Forbes, Razer, And TechCrunch

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