Nov 15, 2017

Here Is How To Enable Persistent Notifications For Apps On Your iPhone In iOS 11

In iOS 10 or earlier iOS versions, when you received notifications, what would happen was a preview would be displayed for a short time before disappearing. Now, with iOS 11, Apple bring a feature called Persistent Notifications, which the preview stays permanently until you swipe it away. And here's how to enable Persistent Notifications on iPhone.

1. Launch ‘Settings’ and go to Notifications.
2. In the menu, scroll down till you reach the app that you wish to turn Persistent Notifications on for.

3. Tap the app's notification settings menu, and then switch on to Show as Banners.
4. Scroll down there will be two large phone icons; tap on the one which says ‘Persistent’.

As you can see, Persistent Notifications is one of two types of notifications that can be enabled on your iOS 11. It isn’t enabled by default but can be activated from the settings. However, the problem is that it can’t activate for all apps at once; you will need to do so individually or activate it for all apps you feel are necessary manually.

This should be a great change because often we are too busy or otherwise preoccupied to check the phone immediately. This is a great way to stay updated and a must for messaging apps like Facebook or WhatsApp. The feature should work on iPhones upward from the iPhone 6S all the way to iPhone X.

Via UnlockBoot, Image Credit UB

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