Nov 6, 2017

Here Is How To Hide The iPhone X's Notch From Lock Screen And Home Screen

It now seems lot of users and reviewers are finding that the notch on an iPhone X isn’t very distracting, or even fades away. However, if you don’t like the prominent black Notch across the top of the iPhone X screen? You can hide it from the Lock screen and Home screen with a little wallpaper trick.

Although there isn’t any particular magic that to hide the iPhone X notch, but you can use a cropped wallpaper with rounded corners and a black bar across the top so that the Notch section is hidden within a black section of the wallpaper image. This effectively disguises the notch and the prominent “horns” on both sides of the top of the screen.

Huberman today shared on Twitter a brand new wallpaper that removes the notch from your Home screen and Lock screen and gives it more of the aesthetic that Samsung and LG have gone with. He notes that to work as intended you’ll need to set the wallpaper as a Still and also pinch the image and drag it as far down as possible.
  1. Click the link to download the wallpapers
  2. Now jumping into the Settings app
  3. Scroll down until there's section called "Wallpaper" 
  4. Click it, and then press “Choose a New Wallpaper” button.
  5. Click the “All Photos” collection area.
  6. Choose the wallpaper that you just download, then click “Set.”
For those wondering, the large black notch at the top of iPhone X holds the front-facing cameras and Face ID detection hardware, but it also hangs down over some screen content on iPhone X and is quite noticeable against white images on the display. If you take a screenshot on iPhone X the notch does not show up in the screen captured image,
Via OSXDaily And 9to5Mac, Image Credit Phone Arena

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