Apple: 59% Of iOS Devices Are Running iOS 11, As 33% Of iDevices Continue To Power By iOS 10

The iOS 11 is now installed on 59 percent of iOS devices, according to new statistics that was shared this week on its App Store support page for developers. That is up from 52 percent on Nov 6, indicates that iOS 11 adoption has grown just 7 percentage points over the course of the last month. 

While 33 percent of iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices continues to run iOS 10, as 8 percent of devices run a version of iOS earlier than iOS 10. The adoption rate for iOS 11 adoption is slower than iOS 10 adoption. Based on Apple's official App Store numbers, iOS 10 was installed on 54 percent of devices in October of 2016.

Although Apple has already released several updates for iOS 11, but it doesn't seem to have improved installation rates, especially many of those updates have been made available to fixes major bugs found in the operating system. Apple just recently released iOS 11.2 with Apple Pay Cash feature in the US, but it wasn't available to customers until today.

Since Apple Pay Cash now become available, though, customers who have been reluctant to upgrade may install the iOS 11.2 update to access the new feature, so it is possible we'll start seeing improved installation rates in Apple's next App Store support page update.

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