Apple: A Completely Redesigned Mac Pro Is Still In The Works, Along With A New "High-End Pro Display"

Yesterday, with the iMac Pro officially available for purchase, Apple once again confirmed that they are still developing a new generation of completely redesigned Mac Pro. Apple said that the new Mac Pro architected for pro users who need the highest performance, high-throughput system. In addition, a new high-end pro display is also in the work.

Apple announced back in April that they are developing a new and powerful Mac Pro. At the moment, it's unclear what the new modular Mac Pro was designed for, just knowing that the computer will adopt a modular system and may return to a tower design like the 2006 - 2012 Mac Pro with a case that could be opened with a lever on the back.

In addition to the new iMac Pro, Apple is working on a completely redesigned, next-generation Mac Pro architected for pro customers who need the highest performance, high-throughput system in a modular, upgradeable design, as well as a new high-end pro display.

The promise that it will be a high-performance and a high-throughput system suggests the modular Mac Pro could even outperform iMac Pro, which itself is the fastest Mac ever with workstation-class tech specs. We can expect that next year's Mac Pro could be featured with Xeon W-class processor.

Meanwhile, Apple also mentioned that it’s working on a new “high-end Pro display,” which will likely embody a redesign of its classic Thunderbolt display that was introduced back in 2011 and discontinued last year, and was replaced for the time being with Apple and LG’s UltraFine 4K and 5K Monitors.

Via MacRumors And iDropNews, Image Credit 9to5Mac

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