Apple's iPhone Named Best-Selling Tech Product Of The Year, With 223 Million Units Sold In 2017

The iPhone has been named the best-selling tech product of the year by analyst Daniel Ives of GBH Insights (via USA Today). Apple’s popular handset outsold Samsung’s Galaxy devices and all other consumer electronics in 2017, and it wasn’t even close.

The company's smartphone achieved the same ranking in 2016, and Ives said that Apple will sell a total of 223 million iPhones in 2017, increasing from 211 million sold in 2016. Apple's biggest competitor - Samsung, on the other hand, sold 33 million of Galaxy S8 & Note 8 units during the last 12 months.

It's worth to noting here that the rankings include all models of iPhone grouped together, it explaining why the gap is so large between Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy S8 and Note 8. Followed by the iPhone and Samsung smartphones is the Amazon Echo Dot speaker (24 million), Apple Watch (20 million), and Nintendo Switch (15 million).

It's been a very special year for Apple, with the Cupertino firm this fall released 3 new models of the hit smartphone—including one with a $1,000 starting price tag, but for reasons, customers willing to buy the older iPhone models rather than the newest one.

Ives expects Apple to sell even more iPhones next year, helped in part by a refresh of the compact SE in the spring and a slew of upgrades. Out of the billion-plus consumer base of the iPhone, the analyst believes “350 million of them will upgrade next year.”

Via MacRumors And iDB

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