Latest iPhone Battery Slowdown Class Action Lawsuit Seeking An Unbelievable $999 Billion Payout

Ever since Apple has confirmed to slowing down older iPhone models that have degraded batteries, more of more class action lawsuits have been leveled against the company for doing that, and now with the latest class action filing seeking an unbelievable $999 billion payout!

Plaintiffs insisted they had to buy a new iPhone because their old models slowed down due to Apple's "purposeful conduct." Therefore, the filing argues, each of the plaintiffs denied the use, utility and value of their older iPhone. The filings were filed in New York by Raisa Drantivy and her legal team.

Even though the Cupertino firm has admitted to slowing down the CPU when the battery is wearing out to prevent unexpected shutdowns and other problems, the lawsuit still argues that Apple never asked customers whether they preferred to have their iPhone slower than normal.

In the end, I think Apple should have been more upfront with users about why it chose to place battery life over performance and maybe even allow users to make that decision for themselves. But a $999 billion payout for the mistake just too much. Perhaps that’s just an overzealous lawyer looking for a handout from the world’s biggest company.

Via iDownloadBlog And AppAdvice, Image Credit iFixit

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