Apple Watch Will Be Able To Control Whirlpool Washes, Dryers, Owens, And More Appliances

At CES 2018, home appliances maker Whirlpool today announced that some of its washers, dryers, and ovens will be controllable with an Apple Watch in the near future. This can be done with Whirlpool’s new watchOS app that let you remotely control certain functions of several Wi-Fi-connected appliances.

Whirlpool gave CNET some examples of the types of things you’ll be able to do with the app. As The site says that it appears to be the first time an appliance manufacturer has announced an Apple Watch app. The app is being shown off at CES and will be available for download later in the year.

Ovens — Check temperature, change oven settings during a cook cycle
Washing machines — Change the type of wash cycle when the washer’s in use
Dryers — Check if a cycle has started, see how much time is remaining on a cycle

I personally think this should be a welcome feature for Apple Watch users. It appears that connected appliances set to be the next big thing in smart home technology. You can be using the app to carry out simple tasks, it will also prove useful for checking on the status of appliances.

Via 9to5Mac And iDownloadBlog, Image Credit Digital Trends

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