Elgato Unveiled Eve Button, A Device Allows You To Control HomeKit Scenes Without Siri Or The Home App

HomeKit, Apple's smart home platform always allowed you to control multiple compatible devices at once through Scenes, such as dimming the lights or locking doors At CES 2018, Elgato launched a new Bluetooth-enabled Button called Elgato Eve Button, which let you activate three of those scenes with a press.

The $50 gadget syncs to your HomeKit devices through your Apple TV or an iPad, it acting as a hub for your smart home. Shortly after you set up the button, you will be able to use it to activate a different scene with a single press, a double press or a long press. 

As for steps to set up the button, simply go to Apple's Home app, an app which allows you to control all of your smart-home devices that work with the company's HomeKit software. You can customize your own scene, or to tell the app what you would like to happen with preprogrammed options such as "Good Morning" or "Good Night."

Comparatively, although the Eve Button is not offering as many physical buttons as some other options, but it is a simple, standalone device that works with all of other HomeKit products and is priced at $49.95. Eve Button will be available starting later this month from the Elgato website and online Apple Stores.

Via MacRumors And CNET, Image Credit Pocket-lint

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