Inventec Begins To Shipping 1 Million HomePods To Apple, Suggesting That The Smart Speaker Is Almost Here

According to industry sources speaking with the Taipei Times, Apple supplier Inventec has begun a limited shipment of one million speakers to Apple. The shipment could suggesting that the HomePod should be launching "soon." 

Last fall, it was been reported that Inventec alongside manufacturer Precision would split production evenly. In November, Apple made the decision to push the HomePod’s release into early 2018, stating that they “need a little more time” before the speaker is ready. The Taipei Times cites software tweaks as the primary cause of the delay.

Inventec's revenue from the HomePod is expected to be "limited" this quarter due to the low quantity initial shipment. While as an initial shipment of 1 million units is modest by Apple standards, the report says that HomePod shipments for all of 2018 are expected to grow to between 10 million and 12 million units.

“The Taiwanese company has begun HomePod shipments. However, revenue contribution from the product to Inventec is expected to be limited this quarter, as the initial shipment is not large,” a source in HomePod’s supply chain told the Taipei Times by telephone on condition of anonymity.

HomePod, Apple's first product entry into the smart speaker market, but also a response to Amazon Echo and Google Home, which are the most popular smart speaker. During its unveiling of the product, Apple said that HomePod is more music-focused than its rivals with high-quality sound and microphone technology, spatial awareness, touch controls, and more, all powered by an A8 chip.

Via MacRumors And 9to5Mac, Image Credit MR

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