Apple Will Make User To Update Their HomePod Devices Via iOS's Home App

As the public release of HomePod is a step and step closer, we begin to learn more about the smart speaker. According to a report by 9to5Mac which revealed that updates will be available via Apple's dedicated Home app for HomeKit devices.

When a user received a new software update for the HomePod, an alert will tell to install the update directly on the Home app, similar to how an Apple Watch update are installed through the Watch app. HomePod will be listed as an HomeKit device in the Home app.

HomePod users will also have the option to enable automatic updates. These updates can be installed on a single HomePod, all of HomePods in the home or to specific stereo pairs, However, if your HomePods running different versions, stereo pairing will not be available.

It's widely believed that the first update to the HomePod may be iOS 11.3, which expected to bring multi-room audio and support for pairing two or more HomePods together for the stereo sound. AirPlay 2 has been founded in iOS 11.3, which suggesting the feature will be introduced with the update also.

At present, HomePod is available for preorder on for $349 in the US. First HomePod orders will be in the hands of customers on the official launch day - February 9. Are you buying this product? Please let us know in the comment below!

Via MacRumors, Image Credit The Apple Post

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