Here Is How To Prevent Siri From Speaking Explicit Language On Your iPhone And iPad

I bet you were annoyed by this that when you use Siri on iPhone and iPad, or just converse with the smart assistant and it misunderstands you might be in for a surprise seeing some explicit languages that you don’t really want others to see, it makes embarrassing if your kids are present. 

By disabling explicit language feature in Siri, the virtual assistant will instead use asterisks to cover up curse words and bad language, like f**k, and Siri will literally bleep explicit language if spoken or repeated by the AI voice for whatever reason. Here is how to disable that feature!
  1.  Tap SettingsGeneralRestrictions.
  2.  If Restrictions are disabled, tap Enable Restrictions and create a passcode to access and change your settings or to turn off Restrictions.
  3. Under the Allowed Content heading, tap Siri.
  4. Switch off Explicit Language to disallow mature language for Siri and Dictation features.
  5. And that's it!

You can disable explicit language for Siri on Apple TV 4, by going to Settings - General - Restrictions. Turn on Restrictions and create a four-digit passcode to access or change these settings. Once you enter the Siri Explicit Language section, select Hide to filter mature language. And here is what look like when you turn on the feature.

This should be a particularly helpful tip for parents and educators, even if Siri will typically never report bad language unless it is dictated as a command. Since Apple makes Siri able to translate, some foreign language translations may be dirty, and this tip could help you with that.

Via iDownloadBlog And OSX Daily, Image Credit OXD And iDB

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