Apple Once Again Rumored To Release AirPower Next Month, Most Likely In March 21st

According to Japanese blog Mac Otakara who spoken to "reliable sources" have apparently confirmed a claim made earlier in February by The Apple Post that the wireless accessory will go on sale in Apple's retail stores sometime in March, even though a specific date still remains unclear.

The claim come from a Best Buy staff says they will begin receiving AirPower units in-store by the end of next month, the date most likely clocked at March 21st, the tracking records shows that in 2016 and 2017, when the company had a event in the spring, it was always in March 21st. The source also reports that Apple sending additional units to be used as store demos/displays.

Image Credit TechRadar
AirPower is a wireless charging mat designed to allow a user to charge up three devices at same, it will supporting Apple Watch Series 3, AirPods charging case, iPhone 8/8 Plus and X. AirPower will also communicate’ between each device and intelligently decide on how much power each device requires, and use the Qi standard technology.

Apple didn't announce the pricing of the product, but according to Polish online retailer X-Kom's website it suggest to be cost 999 Złotych. Since many of products that are cost 999 Złotych on Apple's online store in Poland are priced at $199 in the United States, like the iPod Touch 6, so we believed that the AirPower will be priced at $199.
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