Feb 3, 2018

Apple May Finally Allow iCloud Users To Single Sign-On Websites, Like Google And Facebook's Login Solution

As Apple released first iOS 11.3 beta last week, developers keep digging into the update to discovering more feature, and now pieces of evidence have emerged showing the company has a new single sign-on like service for the web in development.

According to 9to5Mac's Guilherme Rambo, that he found a new component which so-called SecureChannel hints that Apple is working on a solution to allow users to log in to websites using their Apple ID, much like some website that can login in with Google and Facebook.

Rambo says strings found in SecureChannel mention that a website use the authentication method will be able to access the user’s personal iCloud data, it is not clear which of data exactly, but the developer believes it might be limited to the user’s real name and e-mail address.

This neat feature is also said to allow users to scan a QR Code that prompts for Apple ID authentication when scanned using the native Camera app. This could be another benefit for Apple ID users, with the ability to log in to 3rd party websites without having to worry about creating a new user and password.

What's your thought on this? Could it replace Facebook And Google's single sign-on feature, are you looking forward to it? Share your comments in the comment section below!

Via 9to5Mac, Image Credit CNET

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