Apple Changed Its Official Corporate Address To One Apple Park Way First Time Since 1993

An end era of Apple's old official corporate address - One Infinite Loop, since the company changed it to One Apple Park Way, continuing the lengthy process of moving employees to the new Apple Park campus built down the road.

And the first documents to bear Apple's new One Apple Park Way address were forms filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, on Tuesday, that's when Apple held its annual shareholders meeting that took place at Apple Park's Steve Jobs Theater.

Image Credit 9to5Mac
The transition is significant because it is the first time that Apple’s corporate address has changed since the Infinite Loop campus was completed back in 1993. It also hints that the address change signals the company is finally settling into its new digs and is ready to call the Cupertino campus "home".

The $5 billion Apple Park was first unveiled by the company co-founder Steve Jobs back in 2011. It was announced in February of 2017 that Apple Park as an official name of its new headquarters, which will home to all 12,000 employees when it's completed. The campus is featured with an iconic circular "spaceship" building and surrounding environs that have been ongoing for well over four years. Apple held their first product introductions at Steve Jobs Theater last September.
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