Apple Music Now Has 36 Million Subscribers At Globally, As It Could Overtake Spotify's US User Base This Summer

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple Music now has 36 million of paying subscribers around the world. The report citing “people in the record business,” explains that Apple is adding subscribers in the United States at a faster rate than Spotify.

Apple confirmed the updated total to WSJ, as the publication wrote that in the US, Apple's subscriber-account base has been growing about 5% monthly, compared to the Spotify's 2% growth, they believe that if those growth rates continue, Apple will eventually eclipse the service in popularity in the country this summer

Apple's subscriber-account base in the U.S. has been growing about 5% monthly, versus Spotify's 2% clip, according to the people familiar with the numbers. Assuming those growth rates continue, Apple will overtake Spotify in accounts this summer.

Because of Spotify and Apple doesn't break out subscriber count by country, so it’s unclear how many of Apple Music’s 36 million subscribers are based in the United States. Recently Spotify touted 70 million subscribers, but again, an exact number for the US is unsure.

In terms of global scale, Spotify maintains a sizeable lead over Apple Music, is still growing at a slightly faster rate than Apple Music. With its free, ad-supported tier, it have believed that the streaming music service has over 140 million listeners overall around the world.

As far as the paid subscriptions pricing goes, both services offer individual plans for $9.99 per month, student plans for $4.99 per month, and family plans shareable with up to six people for $14.99 per month. Both Apple Music and Spotify being installed over millions of iOS, Android, Mac, Windows devices, and more!

Via MacRumors And 9to5Mac, Image Credit TechCrunch
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