Apple's New Patent: Future Apple Pencil Will Be Capable Of Drawing On Any Flat Surface

Apple recently applied for a patent which hinting the company’s future plans for its Apple Pencil, as they stretch beyond the iPad. According to the patent, future Apple Pencil will capable of being used outside the confines of an iPad, on any flat surface or in the air.

Patent Application No. 62/363,172 titled “Content Creation Using Electronic Input Device on Non-Electronic Surfaces,” described the use of an Apple Pencil-like device, in sorts of conjunction with some form of motion or orientation sensor external to the stylus on any surface, like a desktop.

Even through The text is intentionally vague on how it would achieve this, but the patent did mentions that it use a motion or orientation sensor, a camera, or an electromagnetic- or sound-based triangulation scheme.” Moreover, the sensor could placed on an external device, such as a notebook or desktop, etc.

Since it can be placed on a standalone product, which means it could be using to “draw” on any flat surface. And the patent doesn’t stop there, as it also describes a way to track the data generated by the stylus in three dimensions without contact with a surface. in other words, it could be used to “draw” 3D objects in the air.

The utilizations of the technology beyond just handwriting include tracing a 3d object to make a model in the computer, like it could be used to create, edit or manipulate a 3D object in a program like AutoCAD.

It's worth to notes that communication between the pointing device and the computer associated with the input method is not necessarily uni-directional that feedback or other information could be relayed back to the user through an LED screen, a small onboard display, or another vector.

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