CoolStar Confirms Electra Jailbreak For iOS 11.0 - iOS 11.1.2 Soon To Receive Cydia Support

According to CoolStar, who created Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11.0-.11.1.2 devices, recently tweeted that he'll be releasing Cydia for iOS 11 in the upcoming future after his significant strides in the right direction this week to upgrading APT, DPKG, and GNU with the system's support.

Got our patched Cydia ready to go. Just need to add metadata for APT & DPKG and we'll be able to build the bootstrap to test!

In order for Cydia to work correctly, the package manager app need relies on these three dependencies. In the meantime, Cydia's father Saurik is continue to working on an official update to Cydia as well as the Mobile Substrate for iOS 11 behind the scenes, but there is no updates for the project.

CoolStar is also in the work for an iOS 11.2.x jailbreak, he says that although a new exploit is required for 11.2.x, still most of the patches in Electra will be work on the new version. Electra is currently on beta 10, so that it shouldn't be long before Electra beta 11 with the patched Cydia gets released.

Ever since Ian Beer released an iOS 11 exploit in late 2017, the jailbreaking community has seen incredible progress in the past few months, Even through Apple increased security on their operating system and combined with a lot of the features iOS was previously missing finally being implemented, user still want to enjoy a jailbroken phone more conveniently.

Via iDownloadBlog And ValueWalk, Image Credit YouTube

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