How To ACTUALLY Disable Wi-Fi And Bluetooth In Control Center With iOS 11 (No Clickbait)

In iOS 11, the new Control Center toggles to turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth seems do not actually turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on an iPhone or iPad, meaning if you hit the buttons for disabling Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in Control Center, the iPhone or iPad will disconnect from wi-fi or Bluetooth. Believe or not, you can still turn it off through the Control Center...

Image Credit TNW
  1. Go to Control Center, tap on the AirPlane button, which will disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at same time.
  2. Once you are in AirPlane mode, tap on the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth button to enable them.
  3. And now if you want to disable Wi-Fi ot Bluetooth, then just press these button, but left AirPlane mode on.
  4. If you going to Settings app, in the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth section, it appears that it turned off.
  5. This works great when don't want to disable Wi-Fi, but want to turn off Bluetooth.
In some ways this change is well-received because now there is an easy way to disconnect from wi-fi or Bluetooth without disabling those services, this can make it slightly easier to join a hidden wi-fi network from an iOS device. However, the change is also lead to some confusions and complaints.

Of course, you can also disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with the Setting app, me personally, I would rather turn it off through Control Center, because it's faster and convenience. What are your comments on this, do you like the tricks?
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