For The First Time, Apple's iPhone Captured 51% Of Share In Worldwide Smartphone Revenues In Q4 2017

According to research firm Strategy Analytics, for the first time ever, Apple's iPhone have captured 51 percent share of revenue in the worldwide smartphone industry in the fourth quarter of 2017, because of the outperforming of the premium-priced iPhone X.

As outlined by Apple in its Q1 2018 earnings report, iPhone revenue totaled $61.5 billion in the fourth quarter of 2017, and led Strategy Analytics believes Apple's smartphone revenue was three times higher than its nearest rival Samsung with seven times more than Chinese competitor Huawei.

Image Credit Strategy Analytics
In the Q4 2017, Apple reports it sold 77.3 million iPhones with an average selling price of $796.42, up from $695 in year-ago quarter, and driving revenue to $88.3 billion. CEO Tim Cook says the best selling model in the quarter was the iPhone X, which every week since it launched that was the top the chart. the flagship carries a starting price of $999.

Furthermore, Strategy Analytics estimates Apple's smartphone price is almost three times higher than the overall industry average. "Apple accounted for more smartphone revenue than the rest of the entire industry combined in the quarter, driven by "solid demand" for the iPhone X", says the firm's executive director Neil Mawston.
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