A Patent Application Hints Apple Is Developing Its Self-Branded Accessory Lens For iPhone

We know that Apple puts a lot of energy into advancing the iPhone's camera system, facts have also proved that iPhone is one of the most popular cameras in the whole world. And recently the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that relates to camera systems, and more specifically to adapting camera systems to accessory lenses.

While trove of third-party accessories designed to enhance Cupertino’s already second-to-none camera tech. Apple itself currently does not offering any self-branded iPhone camera accessories of its own, but with the invention hopefully, we will see this system surface to make us love our iPhone cameras even more.

Image Credit Geeky Gadgets
According to Patently Apple, the patent is being described as an accessory lens that can be “attached, mounted or held relative to the camera lens of a device such that the accessory lens directs light passing through the accessory lens to the camera lens.” And It's capable of shrink or expands the focal length of the camera lens or enables closer-focusing macro capabilities.

Additionally, it maybe able to produce “improved image quality” for iPhone cameras when the user using accessory lenses. For instance, SFF cameras may be used in mobile devices, may also be used in other devices such as laptop or notebook computers.

It would definitely interesting if someday Apple releases camera lens attachment like this, but we need to point out that it won't happen any sooner. We are not clear when the such a product enter markets is unknown at this time, plus Apple is known for patenting more than it produces,
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