Feb 10, 2018

Here Are The Six Tips To Help You Master Your HomePod

Follows yesterday's official launch, HomePod has now arrived into the hands of customers. Since you might already received your HomePod, we thought it could be helpful to round-up tips and tricks of the speaker, read below to learn more about the device.

How To Rename Your HomePod

Sure you maybe need to rename your HomePod, so you will able to manage it without any confusion. First off, go to the Home app on an iOS device, then tap the Rooms tab at the bottom of the screen, next, you need to long press on your HomePod icon, tap Details in the bottom right, up next tap on HomePod and then enter the new name, and pree Done.

How To Turn Off "Hey Siri" On The HomePod

If you want to have more privacy during the personal conversation, you can choose to turn off “Hey Siri” on your HomePod, in that way audio won't be recorded. To do that, you can say: “Hey Siri, stop listening,” the personal assistant will ask you to confirm, say “Yes.”

How To Disable Your HomePod Listening History

If you do not want other family members to affect your Apple Music recommendations or wish to keep those personalized suggestions shielded, then turn off it. Firstly, launch the Home app on your iPhone or iPad, choose the HomePod icon in the accessories page, tap on Details, and turn OFF the switch next to “Use Listening History”.

How To Disable Personal Requests On HomePods

Siri on your HomePod need to access your messages, notes, and reminders to do things, all these are called Personal Requests. This isn't helpful at all when your kids around as they may use the speaker for something you can't imagine. Luckily, you can disable the feature by going to Home app -location arrow icon - People - tap your profile - turn off Personal Requests button.

How To Use Your HomePod As A Speakerphone For Hands-Free Calling

You can also use your HomePod as a speakerphone to enjoy hands-free calling at its very best, with the HomePod able to serve both a speaker and a microphone for a hands-free conversation. Whenever you accept a call on your iPhone, click on the Audio option in the call interface, when the light on the smart speaker turns green, means it's connected to the audio of your call, to handout call, simply tap the top of HomePod.
How To AirPlay Audio To The HomePod

With AirPlay, you can beam music from your iOS device to your HomePod, for example, you'll able to stream Spotify on this speaker. In order to use the feature, open any music app, access Control Center, long press on the Music widget, tap on the AirPlay icon, and choose the HomePod.

Via MacRumors And iGB, Image Credit Pocket-lint

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