Twelve South Has Launched Its New SurfacePad Case For iPhone X, Brings Exclusive Features To The Smartphone

Well-known accessories maker Twelve South has launched its new SurfacePad case which designed specifically for the iPhone X. The SurfacePad case is a folio-style case that can protect the front and rear of your iPhone X, it's ultra-thin due to SurfaceGrip technology.

SurfacePad offers slots that can store up to two credit cards, in fact, it served as a stand for videos and FaceTime calls. Speaking video shooting, the cutout at the back leaves the camera exposed so there is no interference when taking pictures or videos, and the sides and bottom of the device are also left uncovered. 

Image Credit: Twelve South
Another neat feature about the case is that it provide automatic sleep/wake functionality when opening or closing the front flap, just like when iPad is equipped with a case, which the devices will sleep/wake without tap the screen. It's worth to note that the SurfacePad case's protection is limited.

When it comes to price, the folio-style case to be cost at $50, you can purchase the case through Twelve South's official website. The SurfacePad for iPhone X is available in three colors: black, cognac, and deep teal, with the latter two only exclusives to the iPhone X.
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