Mar 27, 2018

Apple Begin To Selling Its Standalone Space Gray Magic Keyboard, Mouse 2, Trackpad 2, new cases For iPhone And iPad, And More News

Apple today has began selling several new accessories, which includes a standalone Space Gray Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, and Magic Trackpad 2, new iPhone and iPad cases in new spring colors, and officially launched Apple Watch Bands last week. More to follow...

Image Credit iFan
Starting with the Magic Keyboard With Numeric Keypad in Space Gray, Apple has began to offering the accessory for $149, the company is also selling the Space Gray version of the Magic Trackpad 2 for $149 and a Space Gray Magic Mouse 2 for $99. All orders that placed today will ship out and deliver later this week.

Furthermore, Logitech today revealed its Logitech Crayon and Logitech Rugged Combo 2 for the iPad 6, both designed to help students become "more creative and productive" in the classroom. Logitech Crayon is digital pencil that similar to Apple Pencil, but only cost $49 (AP is $89). Rugged Combo 2 is a iPad case which can survive "daily wear and tear" in classrooms.

Image Credit MacRumors

Apple's iPhone cases and iPad Smart covers are now available in new Bright Orange, Spring Yellow, Electric Blue, and Soft Pink colors, with the price range from $39 to $129. And the company last week introduced new Apple Watch bands in a variety of spring colors, and all of those bands are available for purchase starting today.

Software-wise, Apple has updated its iWork productivity suite for iOS, where it integrated with Apple Pencil support, and it is building the digital book creation into the new version of Page. The Cupertino tech-giant has announced that its existing iOS "Classroom" app will be making the move to Mac, beginning with a beta this June, an app which helps teachers manage their students' iPads, as well as guide kids through lessons, keeping them on track, and so on.

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