Mar 28, 2018

Apple Rolls Out iOS 11.3 Update for the New iPad, Suggesting The Release For Other Devices Could Coming Soon

Apple has released the iOS 11.3 update particular for the sixth-generation iPad, which was announced yesterday at an education event in Chicago. Even though the new iPad starts to accepting orders yesterday, it will not be delivered until later this week as the device isn't yet in stores.

We are unclear why Apple has released iOS 11.3 for the new iPad but not for any other iOS devices, one thing that we can expect is the launch suggest the release of iOS 11.3 for the other Apple products is imminent and could perhaps come for other ios devices in the next couple of days.

iOS 11.3 brings big features like Messages on iCloud for storing your iMessages in iCloud to save valuable on-device storage space, a "Battery Health" feature designed to provide iOS users with more info about their batteries, four new Animoji characters for iPhone X, and Business Chat for contacting businesses.

Other upcoming functionalities are including a new section in Apple News displays the top videos, support for Advanced Mobile Location for more accurate location when placing an emergency call in a supported country, review sorting options for the App Store, software authentication for HomeKit devices, new version of ARKit that can be recognize and place virtual objects on vertical surfaces, etc.

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