Apple Once Again Rumored To Launch Foldable iPhones In 2020, With The Products "Double Up As A Tablet"

According to Bank of America analyst Wamsi Mohan new research note, and obtained by CNBC, says that he had spent a week meeting with Apple's supply chain partners. Mohan predicts that Apple likely to launch the foldable iPhone launch in 2020, with the product could potentially "double up as a tablet.

For sure, a foldable iPhone requires innovation. For instance, if the device can be rolled up like newspapers, then components like the logic board and battery would need to be flexible enough to bend rather than buckle. But if it only folds in half, then components could still be rigid and connected with flex cables.

Image Credit Drop News

Samsung and LG, the two South Korean companies are said to be teasing a foldable device for a while now, the latter was being reported that it has reached an agreement to supply Apple with its foldable displays for future iPhones, according to Korean site The Investor.

Considering the timeframe, it would take a long time for it to bear fruit. But technologies can change a lot in two years, who knows. Perhaps this is the product that Apple CEO Tim Cook was talking about during his recent interviews. "We’ve got things that we’re working on now that are way out in the 2020s", says Cook.

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