Apple To Develop And Produce Its Own Micro-LED Screen Technology, Will Be Used On Apple Watch Models In Two Years

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is “designing and producing its own device displays,” which is a first for the company. The manufacturing facility which is said to be located at a secret place in California, and is near the headquarters.

More Specifically, Mark Gurman says that Apple has made “a significant investment” in the development of MicroLED displays. And These screens use newer light-emitting compounds that make them brighter, thinner, and less power-intense than the current OLED displays.

Image Credit PhoneWorld

This initiative is said to be code-named T159 and headed by Lynn Youngs, who worked on the displays for the original iPhone and iPad and is currently working on the Apple Watch screen technology. Apple’s Micro-LEDs are in the “advanced stage”, which means it could take up 2 years to first appearing on its Watch products.

At the same time, the California facility is said to be too small for major production, but Apple will likely outsource mass-production to its supply partners in Asia. Moreover, the report says there are about 300 engineers are designing and producing MicroLED screens for use in future products.

The 62,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, the first of its kind for Apple, is located on an otherwise unremarkable street in Santa Clara, California, a 15-minute drive from the Apple Park campus in Cupertino and near a few other unmarked Apple offices.

There, about 300 engineers are designing and producing MicroLED screens for use in future products. The facility also has a special area for the intricate process of “growing” LEDs.

Screen manufacturers such as Samsung, Sharp, LG, and Japan Display, which all of them provides the screen panels for Apple devices will be lose the iPhone maker's huge orders. What's your thoughts on the matter, would you want to Apple to made the screen its own or order from other companies?

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