Apple's Two New Patents Suggested The Future Plan For Its Lightning Connector And MacBook Keyboard

Apple has filed a patent application which describes a waterproof Lighting connector that could block out liquids, dust, and dirt when inserted into an iPhone or iPad. The photo of the plug on the Lightning connector is V-shaped, and made of a material that compresses when pushed into the port (via Patently Apple).

From the overly technical description provided, the next-generation Lightning plug would be outfitted with some forms of “deformable peripheral seal,” which means that it could be positioned between the Lightning port, itself, and the host device it’s plugged into.

Image Credit Cult of Mac
The redesigned Lightning connector would be "useful in moist, wet or dirty environments", which realistically includes virtually everywhere people take their phones and tablets. The company could also easily make this type of innovative connector backward-compatible of older iPhones.

Another Apple Patent which seen by The Verge, shows how Apple could make its Butterfly keyboard technology more resistant to various crumb and dust particles to make their way underneath the keyboard design.

Image Credit 9to5Mac
Referred as “ingress prevention”, the patent application explains that things such as liquid can damage electronics, sugar can corrode electrical contacts, and solid contaminants can block key movements. The mechanisms can also block ingress, along with brushes, wipers, or flaps around keycaps.

It's worth to note here that because Apple submitted the two applications does not means the company definitely will plan to release them. For instance, the keyboard patent filled back in 2016, but it still remains unreleased for users.

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