Apple's Job Listings For Siri Departments Sets An All-Time High Record, Suggesting Apple's taking it Seriously

According to hiring data tracked by Thinknum, Apple appears to take its Siri intelligent assistant seriously, as the company posted 161 job listings, which sets an all-time high record, and the number is up 24 percent over the last month.

As the chart in the above shows that Siri-focused positions have increased since summer of 2016, even though it really spiked last month, 125 of the 161 Siri job openings are in Santa Clara Valley at Apple’s new headquarters, nearly 78% of the openings being for that area.

When broken down into departments, 154 of the listings are for software engineering job. Meanwhile, there is 3 for product management, 3 for information systems and technology, and only 1 for Information Systems and Technology.

It's well-known that Apple has come under fire for lagging behind other smart assistants on the market like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Hopefully, these job listings indicating that Apple is trying to ramp up efforts to know that where it needs to improve.

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